Green is CoolClimateSandstorms in China are a sign of climate crisis

Sandstorms in China are a sign of climate crisis

Apr.05.2021 217 view review

Severe sandstorms have recently hit Beijing. The characteristic orange haze and intense droughts in other parts of the country were caused by the rise in temperature. And this is a clear sign of the climate crisis.

A series of sandstorms first hit the capital and then spread to central China for several days in mid-March and at the end of the month. They are believed to be caused by lower-than-average snow cover and rain, as well as higher-than-normal temperatures and winds. All of these factors provide ideal conditions for sandstorms to occur.

Since 1978, China has been fighting in every way with sand that comes from the Gobi Desert region. They plant so-called “green walls” of trees to reduce destruction and slow the expansion of the desert.

Scientists believe that hotter summers and shorter winters with less snowfall will reduce soil moisture levels. This will make it more prone to being blown away by the winds and risk China’s tree-planting efforts.

Although sandstorms are a natural phenomenon, in addition to the climate crisis, their intensity is influenced by a number of human factors such as overgrazing and desertification. Therefore, one of the most important things now is to stop overgrazing.

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