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Say No to Disposable Using of Tools in the Workplace

Mar.12.2021 181 view review

Most of us, and probably most of the employees at work, believe that they have no way of influencing the state of the environment in the world. And they don’t even try to change their behavior. But sometimes even insignificant, as it may seem to us, actions contribute to global changes. For example, in an office, you can refuse of using disposable cups and instead purchase reusable cups with your brand name.

Thus, you have won twice: both for improving environmental behavior and for strengthening the bond between employees and the organization. Try to motivate employees to bring their own reusable cups and dishes from home. You can give a small cash reward, or tell the whole company about employees who are good at promoting environmental behavior.

Behavior change becomes easier when new behavior becomes the accepted norm. What’s more, link environmental behavior to positive activities that the company will undertake. For example, positive behavioral changes that you can measure (number of employees bringing food from home in reusable boxes rather than plastic bags, amount of plastic thrown into trash bins). Thus, the company will contribute to the fight against the environmental problem.

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