Green is CoolNatureScientists are analyzing the unique moment of ocean silence caused by the pandemic

Scientists are analyzing the unique moment of ocean silence caused by the pandemic

Apr.13.2021 169 view review
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Scientists are now analyzing the bizarre moment of silence in the ocean caused by the pandemic. They gave name to this research The year of the quiet ocean. The fact is that the quarantine has led to a slowdown in global traffic that would have been impossible before. Scientists plan to listen to the sounds of the ocean before, during, and after the lockdown.

They have installed about 200 special underwater microphones on the ocean bottom. The idea lays in using them for measuring noise changes and how they affect water life. For example, in cities where is less traffic noise and human activity, we start to hear birds singing and even see more wildlife in our environment. The same thing may be happening in the ocean. So, the scientists’ goal is to create a global ocean soundscape map where they can see the sounds of shipping directions, patterns of whale migration according to their songs. And it could be even possible to determine climate change by analyzing the sounds of icebergs calving. The data can help to finally find a balance between human activities and natural processes happening in the ocean. 

Such activities as military activity, shipping, building, underwater oil and gas exploration harm the soundscape of the ocean. That’s why we need to reduce the noise and fix the damage caused by us.

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