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Scientists found a weird shark with wing-like fins

Mar.19.2021 182 view review

Turning back to 93 million years ago, a weird shark, unlike any other known sea creature, swam in the sea in northeastern Mexico using unusually elongated fins, similar to wings, which made its body wider than it was in length.

On Thursday, scientists announced the discovery of an almost complete skeleton of a shark which is called Aquilolamna millrace, which lived during the time when there were still dinosaurs on Earth.

“Eagle shark” is what the name Aquilolamna means because of its slim pectoral fins. Many different adjectives can be used to call this underwater creation: unusual or unique, extraordinary and bizarre… Because it is the only shark that is longer than its length.

Like all sharks, Aquilolamna had a cartilaginous skeleton. It had the common body with the shape of torpedo and tail of a simple shark, but its pectoral fins were definitely uncommon. The scientists said that Aquilolamna turned out to be a shark that swam slow and ate plankton.

However, Aquilolamna is considered not the only unique shark inhabiting the oceans on our planet. Sharks and others resembling them siblings got various forms and sizes. For example, an ancient shark called Helicoprion had a mouth as a spiral saw and another shark called Stethacanthus had a dorsal fin as the shape of the ironing board.

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