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Scientists predict coffee may become more tasteless and expensive in the future

Apr.19.2021 161 view review
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Scientists warn that coffee may become more tasteless in the future. As the temperature rises due to climate change, this can lead to less intense bean varieties.

A team of researchers studied the influence of climatic factors affecting the growth of coffee in Ethiopia areas, which is considered the largest producer in Africa. And they discovered that changes in temperature, rainfall, and duration of the season can make high-quality and flavorful beans rarer. This means that the beans, which then turn into one of the highest quality coffee sorts, grow too early. And since producers make more high-quality sorts than regular ones, they may have to raise the price of regular coffee. This, in order, will make the exclusive sorts rarer, more expensive, and out of the reach of ordinary consumers.

Producers will then be forced to create larger areas to grow more common sorts of coffee and smaller areas for special sorts of coffee. This will also change their income because they earn more on the more refined versions. The researchers suggest that the area suitable for medium-quality coffee may gradually increase until the 2090’s.

In addition, this problem will affect not only coffee lovers but also the cost of local agriculture. For a country where coffee exports value about a third of all agricultural exports, this could be fatal. And this study shows how climate change is affecting the availability and flavor of one of the world’s most popular drinks and, more importantly, the economy of the country.

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