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Scientists propose to transport samples to the Moon from Earth

Mar.11.2021 234 view review

It turns out that scientists have been prepared long for a global catastrophe such as an asteroid collision or climate change. To protect and preserve the species on Earth, they want to send the samples to a variation of Noah’s Ark building on the Moon. This structure is supposed to be placed under the lunar surface in a cooled place. Samples of seeds and spores will be stored in a special refrigerator at extremely cold temperatures. And in order to power the object, they plan to install solar panels on the lunar surface.

This idea of creating such “banks” isn’t new. For example, about a million samples are already stored on an island in the Arctic sea by this moment. However, this still doesn’t exclude the risk of accidental loss of these samples while they are here on Earth. For instance, the rising of sea level that is directly related to global warming can lead to the fact that this Global Repository can be lost under the waves.

The construction of such a storage facility is quite difficult but is still possible. It is estimated that it will take 250 rocket launches to deliver 50 samples for each of the 6.7 million species.

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