Green is CoolPollutionScientists warn that microplastic is moving through the atmosphere, oceans, and land

Scientists warn that microplastic is moving through the atmosphere, oceans, and land

Apr.15.2021 176 view review

Did you know that microplastic pollution is currently spreading across our planet? According to a recent study, plastic particles move through the atmosphere, as well as oceans, and land.

The analysis identified plastic pollution as one of the most important and urgent environmental problems of the 21st century. This means that tons of plastic, that we throw into the oceans and land, break into small pieces and come back into the air with the help of traffic and winds. What’s more, it is already known that people breathe, drink and eat tiny pieces of plastic. Breathing of plastic can irritate the lungs and lead to serious illness. And studies show that pollution levels will continue to rise rapidly. 

The researchers analyzed the moving of microplastics in the air, which is, unfortunately, less studied than plastic that is in oceans and rivers. They examined over 300 samples of pieces of plastic and found that it is the result of traffic and winds over oceans and farmland that lift up plastic particles. And roads are the principal factor as they are linked with about 85% of microplastics in the air. Most likely, these are particles from tires of vehicles. The experiment also showed that small pieces of microplastics can remain in the atmosphere for a week. And it is long enough to be carried across continents. 

That is why people have to worry about moving microplastics. Firstly, because it influences our health. And secondly, because plastic particles are carried to regions where we definitely do not want them to be. For example, it appears on agricultural fields, national parks, oceans, and even Antarctica. By this moment, microplastic pollution has been spread all over the planet, and in December small plastic particles were found even in the human placenta.

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