Green is CoolPollutionScientists warn that wastewater from Piney Point into Tampa Bay damage the water life

Scientists warn that wastewater from Piney Point into Tampa Bay damage the water life

Apr.16.2021 163 view review

Scientists warn that wastewater that is being released from Piney Point into Tampa Bay in Miami could harm the ecology. The thing is that the water has a great number of nutrients, such as phosphorus and nitrogen. And it was added that this raise of nutrients to normal water will cause the increase of algae and bacteria. And algae itself can strangle fish and it will be dead as a result. The water in the depth area where the algae grow can lose oxygen and then become unsuitable for fish to breathe, the scientists say.

It was also added that water inhabitants who eat algae may begin to grow more frequently. In addition, the water will also start to smell like a marsh.

The Florida Department says wastewater brings no effect and threat on groundwater. There is also no threat to Lake Manatee, the main source of drinking water. However, scientists state we need to reduce the distribution of nutrients to coastal waters. For example, we can solve this problem by minimizing the activities that bring nutrients. For instance, when fertilizing lawns, we have to take care of how exactly we do it. It is advised not to spread too much fertilizer, especially when it’s raining.

What’s more, we should compost garden waste to decrease nutrients.

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