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Silent Killers – Three Main Sources of Chemicals in Your House

May.10.2020 296 view review
sources of chemicals in your house

Our homes are oversaturated with household chemicals and plastic and vinyl products. But only a few of us had thought about the possible harm which such products could cause for us and our relatives.

It’s useless to list all hazardous elements and products which you might have in your home because there are hundreds of them. But the recent research which was made by the scientists from the Silent Spring Institute highlighted three main sources of chemicals and other common hazardous elements.

They examined nearly two hundred household products such as shampoos, shower gels, household chemicals, plastic interior accessories, and other things to find out that almost all of them include toxic chemicals that can cause multiple health issues.

Asthma, infertility, breast cancer, reproduction system dysfunction, and hormonal disorders could be caused by the prolonged exposure to these chemicals.

For example, phthalates, flavoring agents, glycol ethers (cleaning supplies, shower accessories, and others) could cause asthma and development of several types of cancer while the parabens, Bisphenol A, and triclosan (personal hygiene products, plastic products, cosmetic and antibacterial products) can cause hormone balance disorders.

Scientist grouped the results of their research in three groups to highlight the three main sources of chemicals in your home

Flavoring substances

These substances are used to add a scent to odorless products or to hide their chemical smell. Your shampoo, dishwashing liquid, soap, air purifier, or cosmetics may include these dangerous substances.

There could be dozens or even hundreds of them in each product. Flavoring substances can cause anxiety, headaches, asthma, and cancer development.

Manufacturers are not obligated to place them on the product’s packaging or label so you will never know how dangerous your personal hygiene products could be.

Vinyl shower curtain and pillowcase include phthalates

It can cause asthma and hormone disorders.

Bisphenol A and nonylphenol are another danger to your health. These plastic compounds are toxic and their prolonged effect may cause similar health issues just as phthalates can do.

Antibacterial products could harm your health by raising sustainable bacteria

Triclosan and triclocarban could kill bacteria but these substances are considered pesticides and such contact with your body and your mucous membrane carry obvious harm to your health.

Unfortunately, you can’t determine how safe a certain product is because manufacturers won’t place the whole composition of a product on the label.

Scientists from Silent Spring University recommend excluding all mentioned chemical substances and replace them with safe and eco-friendly alternatives.

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