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South Africa’s Government Added Elephants to A List of «Meat» Animals

May.05.2020 341 view review
elephants in South Africa

The recent legislative amendment has expanded the number of animal species that could be hunted, killed, exported, or used as a source of food. Such species are called «meat» animals and cannot be protected by legislation or animal protection communities.

These animal species are usually pursued by numerous poachers and farmers. Such interest from the side of poachers is dictated by the cost worth of certain body parts of elephants and other species.

Rhino’s horns, elephant tusks, and giraffe’s hide are the most demanded parts. The meat of these animals is considered a delicacy in many countries.

The list of «meat» animals includes several endangered species such as elephants, rhinos, giraffes, hippos, and others. The rarest white antelope is in danger too now. But the most endangered species are giraffes and hippos.

The last white giraffes were killed by poachers only a month ago. These magnificent and stunning creatures are harmless by their nature and this loss is truly irreplaceable.

Hippo and elephant poaching is the most common and tremendous problem. This business is highly profitable for poachers and despite the risk of being caught and jailed hunters kill dozens thousands of elephants annually.

Hippo’s population has reduced ten times in recent decades as well the size of giraffe herds has declined from twenty-thirty species to five-six species.

But there is some good news. The scale of illicit poaching has reduced in times in several African countries as well international environmental protection organizations have focused their attention on this problem.

Rangers are helping to prevent poaching and protect endangered species. Environmental protection organizations have an impact on the legislation of particular countries which might help to exclude endangered species from the list of «meat» animals.

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