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South Korea Reduces Plastic Consumption by Twenty Percent

Jun.10.2020 295 view review
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The current environmental crisis forces governments and people to find brand-new ways to reduce plastic pollution and nature’s contamination.

The South Korean Ministry of Environment announced that now the government will cooperate with the productive and the packaging sectors of the economy in order to implement new technologies and packaging methods which will allow to reduce plastic footprint.

The South Korean economy experiences high demand for food delivery services which is closely related to vast amounts of food packaging and disposable wastage.

Plastic bags, boxes, cutlery, and cups harm the environment and pollute oceans and lands. Used in delivery services plastic is a low-quality disposable material that is bad for human health and has a negative impact on packed products.

Taken by the South Korean Ministry of Environment measures include standardization and thinning of plastic containers, removal of printed images and other content from plastic items which complicate the recycling process and bio-plastic promotion.

The South Korean Ministry of Environment will also pay extra attention to the restaurants which use reusable food containers and cutlery. Food packaging is just a drop in the ocean but such changes will significantly reduce the amount of plastic waste.

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