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Speech of Mark Ruffalo at the Golden Globe Awards Ceremony

Mar.01.2021 171 view review
mark rufallo

Mark Ruffalo is a Hollywood actor who played the role of the Hulk in The Avengers and whose fortune was estimated at 35 million dollars. He is well-known not only as an actor and director but also for his political, environmental and, other views didn’t stand aside at this year’s Golden Globe Awards Ceremony.

While accepting his award, the activist claimed that our planet Earth is dying and that Americans should treat it more carefully and try to help it to “cleanse itself”. At 54 years old, the actor sincerely believes that humanity should unite for a common goal and problem- to heal our planet.

Moreover, he added that we need to forget the harsh past year and focus on what is now truly important not only for Americans but for the whole world. Because problems appear everywhere, but gathering all together we can definitely change that.

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