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Stella McCartney offers “Un-leather” made from mushrooms

Mar.24.2021 159 view review
Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney thinks we will do an important step for the ecology if we abandon material such as leather. McCartney, who is also a vegan, has never used animal skins or fur in any of her cloth collections. At first, this choice was explained simply by her love for animals. But recently McCartney talked about the environmental damage caused by skin that not only requires chemicals that are toxic to humans and the planet but also populate livestock production. Over-raising of animals is one of the main drivers of climate-changing. However, fake leather is often considered to be of poor quality and is also made from oil. This has always caused controversy: is it actually better for the environment?

Recently, the designer has been working with Bolt’s team to develop an innovation: “Mylo”, a “non-leather” which was grown from mycelium, the vegetative component of a mushroom. McCartney also worked with scientists to improve the material’s weight and texture. In 2018, they prototyped a bag for the ecological exhibition “Made from Nature”. But then a desire to make clothes appeared, in order to give a little more information on how this material can be used in the industry to replace leather.

“This is the future of fashion”- says McCartney. “If we do it right, we can influence the planet a lot”- it was added. However, these clothes are not available for sale and serve as a sight of what is about to happen.

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