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Stressed Plants Passing Down Memories to Make Offspring Stronger

May.25.2020 278 view review
plants have memories

Life conditions on Earth changed throughout the existence of the planet. Live organisms learned to adapt to changing conditions and their ability to adapt was the secret of their very existence.

The genetics team from Penn State University found out that plants pass down memories which can be called «survival guides». These memories can help their offspring to deal with tough times and properly react to externalities and external stimuli.

Externalities and external stimuli are the factors that simply run evolution. Live organisms react to environmental changes throughout the centuries changing forever.

The MSH1 gene is responsible for such reactions causing the plant to change its behavior. Plants can shed their leaves, direct the growth of their roots and control their hydration level because of the ability to react to externalities that are forced by this gene.

Genetics from Penn State University found that such «stress» memory can be passed down to five generations in a row. The offspring of the «parent» plant will be able to copy its behavior models and reactions.

Scientists were able to bypass the plant’s defense mechanism and make it ignore different external stimuli by controlling this gene. Epigenetics is the key with which humanity can operate and modify the existing species making them more stress-resistant and resilient. These new features may help the existing species to overcome the climatic and environmental crisis which is raging on our planet today.

Such experiments may help to overcome instinctive prejudice feelings about GMO products. It is important to remember that GMO products don’t include any new or synthesized genes but their RNA link was corrected by the scientists for increased plant productivity and other benefits that epigenetics can provide.

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