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Students from a university in Britain expressed their anxiety about the statue of Greta Thunberg

Apr.02.2021 241 view review
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Students of the Winchester University, which is in the south of England, expressed their anxiety about the statue of Greta Thunberg. The figure made for well-known climate-fighter cost nearly 33,000 dollars.

However, the university strongly stood up for a sculpture, made of bronze. It is considered the first life-size prototype of the ecologist from Sweden. The university also said that Thunberg is a truly inspiring personality and is a representation of the university’s involvement in social equity. Nevertheless, the student organization told they can’t deal with the statue’s upcoming installation, despite the fact they admire Greta for her confidence.

The students pronounced that the university should not ignore them and their current needs in extra funding of support services. Because of the coronavirus crisis last year, staff and library were cut. And now students face full tuition payments per academic year, which is obviously not normal. What’s more, they are going through a mental health crisis and need additional maintenance. So, they think these points are not the university priorities, regarding the opening of the monument that will happen next week.

Meanwhile, the university is aware of these concerns about the funding of the figure. It was said that the statue was sponsored in 2019 but as a part of the West Downs project. And the money could only be spent on this particular structure. Therefore, the money has not been taken away from student or staff support.

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