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Green Breweries and the Way They Are Impacting Our Environment

Nov.01.2021 73 view review
Green Breweries

We are all partial to a cheeky beer on the weekends or sometimes after a long day at work and in some countries, it is even part of the culture. When it comes to the creation of beverages on mandarin products we seem to take for granted we don’t necessarily associate it with the environment and its possible negative impacts. The truth is that any manufacturing process that is not curated to be environmentally friendly and sustainably will impose some sort of threat to the state of our environment. Green breweries are a thing of a present and a new take on creating a beer that is good for the environment. Choosing to support companies that participate in this method of creation is one way that you can help the future state of the environment.

What Is A Sustainable Brewery?

Sustainability has essentially created a process or product that uses only renewable methods and products meaning that the process can continuously be created without taking resources from the earth that will eventually diminish. There have been many independent companies creating their own craft beers that have adopted specific methods to adhere to the guidelines of sustainability. Brewing beer is a very intense and labour-filled process as it is so transforming their practices was not easy but most definitely achievable. In 2017 IWRC launched a Green Brewery Certificate which was given to brewing companies after they had adhered to the guidelines provided by the states in order to consider them as a sustainable company of today. This led to more and more companies changing their ways and adapting methods to create a more sustainable beer.

What Makes Brewing Unsustainable?

Creating An Eco Brewery

There are many reasons as t why the beer industry has been classed as unsustainable and it has to do with the process, transportation, and waste products left behind. Firstly just to create one barrel of beer it takes three to seven barrels of water, which is an extremely large amount regarding how much they are producing in an average day.

Secondly, gas is used when ingredients are shipped and a large amount of energy is used to brew the beer itself. Then their id the fuel used for transportation. Even after all of this, there are some devastating environmental issues regarding the waste products that are left behind. Canning byproducts, undrinkable water, and spent grains are all left in our landfills after the process of creating beer comes to an end. Lastly, the cans or bottles left empty after drinking can be hazardous for the environment if not recycled properly.

Ways Of Creating An Eco Brewery

There are many different ways, methods, and processes that companies have adopted in order to class themselves as sustainable. Some of the different techniques implemented by breweries across the world include:

  • Upcycling used water. Upcycling used water means that the water waste that is left from the previous batch made will be reused in the making of the next batch of beer instead of wasting it completely.
  • Using sustainable equipment. Using equipment such as stainless steel and glass over plastic options is another way that brewing is controlling its carbon neutrality.
  • Reuse of spent grains. Once the brewing process of beer comes to an end, makers have tons and tons of spent grains leftover. Instead of completely wasting them resuing them in the creation of the next batch is a great and easy way to create more environmentally friendly beers.
  • Using reusable beer cans. Cursing and creating reusable beer cans has proven to be more environmentally friendly and sustainable than the recycling process at a store and a great way to classify a business as green savvy.
  • Use of refillable kegs. Kegs are a great way to save product consumption, they can hold liters of beer at a time, the process of refilling or reusing bottles can be made a lot more efficient and eco-friendly when refillable beer kegs are put to use.
  • Buying local and organic. Brewing ingredients are grown all over the world and most companies will opt for the fastest cheapest ingredients. However, buying locally and organically is proven to be much safer for the environment and usually comes with less packaging and harmful toxins such as pesticides.
  • Reusing yeast. Rather than repeat purchasing yeast the brewer or company can simply reuse the leftover from the previous batch.
  • Cleaning with sustainable products. Products used to clean equipment can often contain harmful ingredients and will then have to be boiled and disinfected. To avoid using water during this process using eco-friendly, biodegradable products is essential.

Sustainable Craft Beer Consumer Companies

There are many companies that have already adopted these environmentally friendly methods into their business to make craft beer that is better for the environment. Consumers are here for it and have said they would even pay more for a sustainably made beer. Some beer companies that are at the top of their game in the green side of the industry include:

Anderson Valley Brewing Company

Anderson Valley Brewing Company

They run 40 percent of their business completely on solar power and are committed to creating delicious eco-friendly beers for all.

New Belgium Brewing Company

New Belgium Brewing Company

One of the most famous independent brewing companies in the US has created a process by which only 1 percent of all their waste ends up in the landfill and the other is all reused. They have also created an eco drink bottle return system that has helped save alot of product consumption waste and environmentally harmful toxins.

Some other really impressive eco-friendly craft beer container companies include Brooklyn Brewery, Ninkasi Brewery, Hops and Grain, Alaskan Brewing Company, Sierra Nevada and Heritage Brewer Co. All of these companies have dedicated time to creating sustainable alternatives to harmful methods within the industry. They are at the top of the game and helping to transform a threatening industry into something that can be enjoyed without damage.

As you can see the brewing industry is not the most environmentally friendly or sustainable, however recent events and changes are slowly transforming the industry as a whole.

This is extremely important and a great step in the right direction, so that we can enjoy a product we love without creating harm to the environment that surrounds us. Supporting companies who adopt these morals is a great way to add to this positive change.

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