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Airlines & Carbon Emissions: Air Traveling & What It May Cause

Oct.20.2021 75 view review
Google Airline Tickets and Sustainability

Today our world is all about sustainability, how environmentally friendly we can be, and changes the way we live for the better? Every day we use countless products, take part in polluting activities and harm the environment without even knowing. Our personal carbon emissions are at an all-time high and strongly influencing the way we are developing our future planet. Things such as public transport, from cars, trains, and buses to airlines and their ongoing flights have created a carbon footprint that is almost irreversible.

Google, being the global platform that it is, has designed its own method to try to counteract this by allowing us to understand each of our carbon emissions as a result of the transportation methods we choose, and here’s how.

Sustainable Travel

What is sustainable air travel? How can something so polluting become renewable? Sustainability is all about creating a product, item service that will create the least harm to our planet. It is about creating the same result using less of the unnatural resources that we are taking from our planet in order to make it eco-friendly.

The problem with this is that we have absolutely no way of knowing how much we are consuming and what our total carbon emissions are based on the options we have to choose from. Without this monitoring feature, it makes it virtually impossible for us to make smarter and better decisions for our planet, and that here google sustainability comes in.

Google Airline Tickets and Sustainability

Every day, thousands of people search for Google plan tickets, looking for their next flight for work, leisure, or a quick family visit. In most of these cases, people are looking for the quickest route for the least cost.

Little do they know that their first flight of choice may not be what’s best for the planet, and it is overall sustainability. In many of these cases, however, we are not held liable for making greener choices since there is no information to guide our decisions. Flight companies do not take responsibility for this either and have continued to allow pollution and an abundance of co2 emissions without cost. As one of the busiest, fast-paced and destructive travel sectors, this issue has raised alarms for activists, environmentalists, and scientists, making Google be the first to act.

Google Carbon Emission Checker Feature

Google Flight Search and CO2 Emissions

Just recently Google has announced that it has made adjustments to its already wide range of features. This suite of new features is specifically designed to help people using their platform make smarter and more informed, sustainable decisions. This feature mainly focuses on travel and more importantly airline carbon emissions.

As one of the biggest contributing factors to today’s growing climate and global warming pandemic, Google is doing its bit to help create a brighter and more resourceful future.

Apart from this google has also created features that allow you to make smarter public transport decisions and will give you a variety of different options based on your destination of choice. They have also taken to their own information and carefully selected the results that appear when climate change is searched on their platform.

This allows people to get the most trusted and accurate results to aid their decisions in day-to-day life activities as well as bigger options such as flights, whether that be domestically or internationally.

Google Flight Search and CO2 Emissions

Although Google has added additional features to both maps and the search tap when it comes to clime change, the greatest aspect of their updated features has to do with travel google. Now when searching flights, planes, and a variety of travel options, Google will inform you of the estimated carbon emissions for trips. Each flight one looks at will be directly compared with alternatives, and information regarding the CO2 levels will be included. For example, this can be seen in different airlines that choose a multitude of sustainable or greener choices, helping you to make an informed decision about your journey.

This also applies to your choice between economy, business class, and first-class, which will increase your personal contribution towards the pollution endured as a direct consequence of the flight you choose.

This will help break down CO2 emissions by aircraft type and give you a broader understanding of the effect it may be having on our planet. Google has used the best information and statistics to relay reliable results that showcase information to us directly. They have labeled greener choices with a green badge icon, making it easier for people to immediately see the most eco-friendly and sustainable option. This tool is available when you search Google Flights and is readily available without any hidden fees or costs.

Why Some Flights Have Lower Emissions Than Others

Flights Have Lower Emissions Than Others

Carbon emissions in airlines are calculated specifically through the European Emissions Agency (EEA) which has the most accurate up-to-date data in the world. Carbon emissions are calculated through many different variants including the origin, the destination, the airline type, and the number of seats in each seating class. Additional factors such as the length of trip and whether an airline has fuel-efficient resources are also considered when determining the number of carbon emissions.

Obvious factors such as taking a seat in the economy plus, first-class or business class will elevate the overall carbon emissions as these seats take up more room on the plane. However, features such as fuel-saving resources will automatically lower the estimated carbon emissions per trip. For example, American airline sustainability may be higher than KLM airlines based on these number of variations, however, may be different when flight times, lengths, types of airlines and seat chosen are changed.

How Does Eco-Friendly Routing Help?

There are many reasons as to why Google’s latest feature is helpful towards creating a greener and more sustainable future. Knowledge, for one, is the first key to success. Having information right in front of your face will not only allow you to judge the outcome of your decisions, but also encourage people to make changes and select options that make them feel better about their actions, i.e. choosing those highlighted with green badges. Not only will this allow us to make positive changes that better our environment but ensure that airline companies are held responsible for their carbon usage.

Airtime who are not as carbon-neutral as others will begin to get less investment and thus die down in funding, urging them to change and adapt their ways to compete with their fellow competitors. This is a massive step in the right direction, especially coming from the most used platform in the world. Goggle is actively trying to help spread information that is accurate, researched, and clear to all. This can drastically change the way we live and the choices we make as a way to save the planet we have and make it inhabitable for future generations to come.

How Does Eco-Friendly Routing Help?

As you can see, this added addition to the Google Platform is a great and much-needed change for the sustainability of our future. With travel making up one of the largest contributing sectors towards pollution, climate change, and overall global warming and its effects, it’s extremely important that we use these tools to the greatest of our ability.

With all the information we need now given to use with the touch of a button, the choice is in our hands. We now have to act to make the greenest choices when it comes to our travel arrangements if we have any hope of rebuilding, saving, and conserving our environment and the nature of our planet. So the next time you are looking for a flight, no matter the reason or length of stay, why not opt for a more sustainable option instead.

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