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Sydney Has Entirely Switched to Renewable Energy

Jul.21.2020 444 view review
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Sydney, which is one of the most environmentally sustainable cities in the world, has entirely switched to renewable energy completely cutting off energy consumption from fossil fuel usage.

This announcement was made by the Sydney lord-mayor, telling that from now the city of Sydney will receive all energy from the Flow Power Company that specializes in the production of wind energy.

The City of Adelaide has switched to renewable energy this year

Some of the energy the city will receive from solar plants of Shoalhaven and Wagga Wagga cities. Wind and solar energy are considered green energy sources and its usage is related to safe environment energetics.

Such a total measure was taken to lower the environmental impact of human activity. According to statistics, heating, transportation, and municipality needs are responsible for the biggest CO2 emissions. Wind and solar energy are being produced with the use of environmentally-friendly facilities, unlike coal-fired energy and energy that is produced with the use of fossil unrenewable resources.

Coal mining, oil pumping, and fossil resource extraction are considered as a harmful and disastrous activity that seriously harms the environment. The reserves of natural gas, oil, and coal are depleting rapidly and since humanity needs more and more energy day by day, new ways of energy production should have been developed.

The Flow Power Company has signed a contract for sixty million dollars with Sydney municipality, promising to provide eco-friendly and green energy to the city. Such a deal will save five hundred thousand dollars for the Sydney municipality and will allow reducing harmful emissions by twenty thousand tons annually.

Sydney municipality hopes that their example will nudge other governments to pay attention to existing environmental problems and move their countries towards a greener and eco-friendlier life.

The City of Adelaide has switched its municipality building and services to renewable energy this year. Austria, in turn, promises to turn to renewable energy by 2030.

Sydney’s example can inspire the whole country showing that it is possible to switch the entire high-populated city to renewable and eco-friendly energy.

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