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The 15th of June – World’s Wind Day

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World’s Wind Day was established in 2007 by the European Wind Energy Association in order to stress the importance of the green energy sector and the wind itself. Wind helps plants to breed and to spread pollen across the land. Wind provides weather changing and helps us to get through summers’ heat.

Wind power helps us to produce a vast amount of alternative energy on wind power stations. Massive wind turbines produce the most neutral and environmentally-friendly energy.

Green and renewable energy sources stand for the future

wind power for producing the alternative energy

Windmills are used worldwide in more than eighty countries. More and more people and energetic companies start to realize that green and renewable energy sources stand for the future.

Wind power is affordable and extremely cheap compared with fossil fuel energy sources. It doesn’t harm the environment or landscape, doesn’t pollute the environment and wild nature. Windmills can fit into any terrain and windmills could be located even within city limits.

The world’s leaders in wind energy are the US and China overtaking other countries. Germany, Iceland, Australia, Denmark, Canada, France, and Italy have highly developed wind energy industries which will make the future transition to renewable energy sources possible.

Fossil fuels will end eventually leaving our world without main energy sources. The global government started to develop the renewable energy industry to prevent such situations and reduce the environmental impact of the energetic sector.

Hydroelectric, wind, and solar power plants provide vast amounts of eco-friendly and clean energy without consumption of nature’s irreplaceable resources.

Our technological advancement shows us that there’s no need to produce energy by polluting the planet and harming the environment

wind power plants

It’s plain to see that our planet gives us all possibilities to produce green and pure energy with the help of its elements: the wind, the water, and the sun.

A complex combination of hydroelectric, wind and solar power plants can provide us with all the needed energy provided that humanity will do its best to develop the green energy industry.

Recently, the EU government announced that thirteen EU countries will close their coal-fired power plants by 2030. Successful transition to renewable energy sources is expected in near future.

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