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The ancient land was a watery world- scientists discovered

Mar.11.2021 197 view review
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Based on the latest analyzes that have studied the properties of Earth’s mantle, scientists have discovered that once upon a time our world was a huge ocean. It looked like a raw space rock with little or even no dry land. Therefore, the question arises: where did all the water go? Researchers believe that the minerals that are inside the mantle absorbed the oceans and left what we see today.

Scientists have also discovered that the capacity for storing water in the once-hot mantle could be less than the amount of water that is now. Therefore, this additional water could have formed larger oceans today. It is also believed that underground water is stored in the form of compounds of oxygen and hydrogen atoms. These two minerals have a lower storage capacity at high temperatures. When Earth has formed 4.54 billion years ago, it was much warmer on the inside now and by this moment the water reserves of the mantle have increased like never before. Interestingly, today the capacity is 1.86-4.41 bigger than the mass of the ocean surface.

All this can help us to find out the answers to questions, for example, where did life begin: in oceans or ponds? What’s more, it will explain better to us the evolution of our planet.

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