Green is CoolTechnologyThe Beginning of Autonomous Farming: A New Robot Called «Spot» Can Autonomously Herd the Sheep and Grow Crops

The Beginning of Autonomous Farming: A New Robot Called «Spot» Can Autonomously Herd the Sheep and Grow Crops

Jul.06.2020 253 view review

Rocos Company from New Zealand specializes in innovative and brand-new technological approaches to teaching robots. A Boston Dynamics’ robot called «Spot» came in the crosshairs.

Rocos Company taught the «Spot» robot to be a farmer. A small, four-legged machine has learned to herd sheep and grow crops on its own. Basic agricultural routine operations were successfully accomplished by the «Spot» robot without difficulty.

«Spot» robot

But the «Spot» robot has a lot to learn. Now Rocos Company’s engineers are developing an innovative controlling system that will make «Spot» robots completely autonomous.

Boston Dynamics robots will be able to autonomously analyze and perform routine actions such as herding sheep, crop cultivation, watering and fertilization. At the same time, these robots could be controlled from any point of the planet which can commemorate the beginning of autonomous farming.

This idea is feasible due to several exemplary projects which were launched in recent years. Vertical farming by Babylon Company provides an autonomous analysis of the plants growth that is implemented by a complicated artificial intelligence system. «Spot» robots will be able to grow plants of their own without the presence of operators or masters. The future tasks of «Spot» robots may lie in constant crops’ analysis, animal herding, livestock feeding, grazing and watering.

Boston Dynamics robots have one significant difference from all other robots. Four-legged «Spot» robots remotely resemble dogs and can move over extremely rugged terrain. These features make them perfect herders and farmers.

Boston Dynamics robots are extremely trainable and can learn to perform almost any actions. Such a robot can’t run a farm on his own but can give a hand to farmers who might need help with labor-intense works.

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