Green is CoolNatureThe Fagradals Mountain volcano which was “quiet” for 6,000 years is now erupting

The Fagradals Mountain volcano which was “quiet” for 6,000 years is now erupting

Mar.23.2021 141 view review

The volcano of Mount Fagradals, located in the southwest of Iceland, has been “quiet” for 6000 years. But on Friday night, after several earthquakes in this region, the volcano suddenly became active. This is the first eruption to occur on the Reykjanes peninsula in the past 781 years.

On Friday, the police of Iceland warned on Tweeter that people should be inside their homes and keep the windows closed to block gas pollution. According to the data, during volcanic eruptions, lava spews dangerous gases such as sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide, and hydrogen fluoride. However, later it was said that such pollution would not bring much trouble for people if they won’t be near the source of the eruption. At the moment, scientists and other specialists involved are monitoring the emissions.

On Saturday morning, the Meteorological Office of Iceland reported that volcanic activity was insignificantly lower than it was on Friday evening. The scientist also said that they did not consider the eruption a threat to the buildings.

Since February 24, a series of thousands of earthquakes have happened in southwestern Iceland. Dozens of them could even be felt. On Thursday, a day before the eruption, it was reported that there were about 400 earthquakes in seven hours.

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