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The giant and the fastest asteroid will approach Earth this year

Mar.04.2021 266 view review

During this month, an asteroid that can be compared with the size of the Golden Gate Bridge will fly past Earth. It is considered the largest (its diameter is from 0.5 to 1 mile) and the fastest asteroid among all the other 97%. It is planning to come close to our planet at a distance of 1.25 million miles. This event will happen on March 21 and based on this data, scientists have identified it as potentially dangerous.

However, id doesn’t endanger humanity and excludes collision, since scientists already know his trajectory for sure. It is assumed that it will fly at speed of 21 miles per second and is also considered one of the fastest space objects flying past Earth.

Unfortunately, it will most likely be difficult to see because the stone will be too dull. Interestingly, to those who want to observe it through a telescope, it will seem that these are slowly moving stars. Therefore, it is advised to use large telescopes to detect the actual movement of the asteroid. By the way, the asteroid was discovered by researchers on March 23, 2001. Since then, it has been regularly monitored by a special laboratory of the Institute of Technology, which is funded by NASA.

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