Green is CoolBiodiversityThe increase of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere causes enormous damage to the soil

The increase of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere causes enormous damage to the soil

Mar.25.2021 290 view review

It is believed that the increase of carbon dioxide has a positive effect on the environment as it helps plants grow. But there is one problem with this statement.

In a new study, scientists suggest that even if the increase of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere helps plants to grow, it still does colossal damage to the soil.

The study remarks that there is widespread consideration that soil carbon levels will increase as plants absorb more carbon. Because when these plants die, they decompose and turn into soil. But there was no evidence yet.

The researchers analyzed data from several studies on soil carbon levels and plant growth. They found out that when carbon levels rise, the organic matter levels in the soil also increase. The authors think that because plants grow faster, they need more nutrients, which they obtain from the soil. To supply plants access to more nutrients, microbes such as bacteria and mushrooms must grow faster in the soil.

All this suggests that people must focus on healing and saving the soil. Since current climate guesses do not take into account, we may not have as much freedom on carbon pollution as we assumed.

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