Green is CoolPollutionThe Largest Ecological Disaster of Siberia – Vast Diesel Spillage in Norilsk, Russia Threatens the Environment

The Largest Ecological Disaster of Siberia – Vast Diesel Spillage in Norilsk, Russia Threatens the Environment

Jun.07.2020 243 view review
disaster in Siberia

The largest ecological catastrophe of Siberia occurred a week ago in Norilsk and Taimyr cities, Russia. Vast diesel spillage contaminated the nearest rivers and lands after a diesel tank on the thermal power plant had burst to release twenty thousand tons of fossil fuels.

A regional regime for responding was introduced in order to prevent further contamination. Now the emitted fuels mowing towards the sea threaten the environment, local population, flora, and fauna.

Fossil fuels, especially diesel fuel, are extremely toxic and dangerous both for humans and animals. This catastrophe can be compared with the Exxon Valdez crash by its contamination scale and environmental damage level.

It’s the first similar catastrophe in the Russian Arctic according to Greenpeace agency in Russia. Many endangered species inhabit the Russian Arctic such as polar bears, mooses, lynxes, and beavers and such contamination can be fatal for thousands of these animals.

There’re no water offtakes or dams so it will be impossible to stop further contamination

Independent sources readout that Russian intelligence services found out about the diesel spillage from social media only after three days this catastrophe occurred. And the degree of responsiveness of intelligence services only worsened the situation. The environmental damage is rated at a hundred billion dollars.

It is not clear how the consequences of this spillage will be neutralized due to the extremely unfortunate thermal power plant’s location. The Nadezhdinsk factory, where the spillage had occurred, is located on the junction of two big rivers each of which has numerous inflows and branches.

Such location complicates the process of harm remedying and makes nature’s preservation almost impossible. Norilsk is a remote city and there aren’t many intelligence services workers and conservationists who will be able to cope with the current crisis.

Russian corporations are trying to avoid the responsibility by using the coronavirus pandemic as an excuse to convince the government to ease ecological obligations. Corporations will not bear responsibility for their actions which may harm the environment if the government will compromise.

The current situation is totally out of control and the catastrophe’s circumstances make nature preservation nearly impossible.

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