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The most extraordinary hotel you have ever heard of

Mar.15.2021 161 view review
polar bear hotel

A hotel that positions itself as the world’s first “hotel with polar bears” opens in northeast China. It offers to its visitors a 24-hour polar bear watching from all 21 rooms. “It doesn’t matter if you have your meal, play with children, or sleep, polar bears will keep you company”- say the founders.

In photos and videos posted on social media, people observe two polar bears in an enclosed space with false ice and small pools with water. However, it is said that the interior area is only part of the general space of bears and that they can go outside when the temperature outdoors and quality of air permit.

It was also added that interest in staying at this type of hotel was very high, despite the fact that the price of rooms was ranged from $ 290.10 to $ 351.56 per night. And what’s more, it was fully booked for the whole trial period. But ecologists contemned the hotel. “Polar bears relate to the Arctic, not to zoos and certainly not to hotels”- animal rights activists say.

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