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The Noise – An Invisible Environmental Contaminant

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noise pollution

Human activity affects our planet in different ways. Animal farming exhausts the wildlands and pollinates rivers, shipping contaminates enormous areas of oceans with oil and chemicals while coal-fired and nuclear power plants poison the atmosphere with CO2 and radionuclide emissions.

Such pollution has serious repercussions. Humans, animals, and all other living creatures suffer a lot from these anthropogenic negative factors. But there’s another factor which has entered our life and is present even in our homes – the noise.

Noise pollution was often discussed by scientists from over the world but unlike the other hazardous anthropogenic factors, it doesn’t get wide publicity. Noise is a serious and dangerous pollutant that should not be underestimated.

What is the main source of pollution?

who suffers the most because of noise pollution

Ships, planes, automobiles, trains, construction works, heavy machinery, and trucks are the main noise sources in today’s man-made world.

Whales are the creatures that suffer the most from noise pollution. Cruise and cargo ships, fishing boats, military sonar, and submarine produce noise that deafens whales and dolphins. That noise disorienting these creatures makes them throw themselves ashore.

Land animals suffer from noise pollution too. Loud and unnatural noises disorient animals and mammals stressing and harming them. Evolutionally, animals are used to silence and natural sounds such as rain, thunder, wind, and others. But the modern world has brought a lot of loud and unnatural sounds.

Animals are disoriented, can’t seek food, and communicate with each other while being exposed to the deafening sounds of human activity. Noise pollution violates the entire system of communication and interaction between animals and other living creatures.

how noise pollution affects people

Such pollution affects humans too. Noise pollution impact on the human nervous system causes sleep disorders, increased stress levels, headaches, migraines, and other health issues.

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