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The One and Only Eco-Friendly Yacht Started Its Round-The-World Journey

May.17.2020 320 view review
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An environmentally-conscious person who sees a yacht, boat, cruise ship, or plane first thinks about the irrational amount of fuel that will be burned and exhausted into the environment.

And when he sees a giant, fuel devouring yacht which meaninglessly courses around the coast for entertainment he feels justifiable indignation.

Numerous innovations were implemented in order to reduce the human impact on Earth. Such innovations have also affected the yacht industry. Recently the first eco-friendly yacht started its round-the-world journey and this journey will cost nothing to our planet. Isn’t it beautiful?

Energy Observer yacht

Energy Observer yacht works with the help of elements: the wind, the water, and the sun and has reached its first destination point – Paris. Designed by French scientists, Energy Observer works primarily on solar and wind energy.

Solar panels and wind turbines provide the necessary amount of energy for the further journey. Theoretically, Energy Observer can travel endlessly because it works only on renewable natural resources.

But the real yacht secret lies deep within its body – it’s the water engine. Innovative water engines transform the ocean water into efficient fuel. This engine can be used when weather conditions wouldn’t allow using solar batteries or wind turbines.

Energy Observer will travel six years around the globe making one hundred and one stoppages to show that it is possible to run such a powerful, efficient and impressive machine without harming the environment.

Energy Observer can sail in any weather condition is totally different climatic zones. So there are no doubts that Energy Observer will reach its final destination in six years.

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