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The Perfect Way of Seed Sowing Was Developed by Danish Scientists

May.03.2020 236 view review
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Danish scientists have found the perfect sowing pattern for wheat, corn, and soy. Scientists from the Copenhagen University, Denmark, and the North-East Agricultural University, China developed the right order and conditions for sowing.

The fertility of corn, wheat, and soy can be increased by twenty percent of these conditions will be met.

This perfect sowing pattern lies in the similar distances between the sprouts. Sprouts will be able to gain an equal amount of water, sunlight, and nutrients out of the soil if they are sowed in the right, precisely calculated sequence.

The crop’s fertility could be raised and the number of weeds will be reduced which will allow the farmers to reduce the number of pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers. A few field experiments were taken in order to check the efficiency of this sowing method.

The results were impressive. Crop’s fertility was raised by twenty percent and more than a third part of the weeds had disappeared. Wet agricultural lands are the best option for this pattern according to the experiment’s results.

Modern farmers use planters which have one big disadvantage. The distance between sprouts could be different and really short sometimes so the sprouts will be forced to fight for a place under the sun.

New patterns will strongly improve existing sowing methods and given the current state of our planet such innovations are extremely useful.

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