Green is CoolPollutionThe Researchers Have Found That Antarctic Waters Are Contaminated with Microplastic Particles

The Researchers Have Found That Antarctic Waters Are Contaminated with Microplastic Particles

Jun.16.2020 310 view review
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Clean and pure before, Antarctic deep waters had been contaminated with microplastic particles according to a recent field study of a group of environmentalists.

Multiple water samples were tested for the presence of microplastic and the results were shocking. Scientists picked water samples from various depths in the furthest corners of Antarctica.

All samples included hundreds of microplastic particles some of which were visible to a human eye. It’s impossible to make amends and stop such contamination with plastic since it’s impossible to purify all Antarctic waters at once.

Antarctica was considered the cleanest and less polluted place on Earth but now things have changed. The scale of oceans’ pollution with plastic is terrifying since microplastic particles had reached such outlying corners of Earth.

Scientists revealed another disturbing observation. The pollution extent should be reduced by half and more than a third part of the planet should be preserved by 2030 to prevent The Sixth Mass Extinction of wildlife.

Wild animals, marine creatures and flora experience tremendous environmental crises. More than eighty percent of marine inhabitants were exterminated by fishermen and trawlers as well as land animals were deprived of their natural habitats.

Plastic pollution brings a lot of death threats to marine inhabitants such as plastic contamination, chemical poisoning, and physical danger. Plastic particles cause long-term cancer diseases, DNA corrupting, and numerous internal injuries.

Humans are less exposed to such effects than marine creatures but it was scientifically proved that prolonged plastic’s impact can cause severe health damage. Plastic contamination threatens all living creatures on Earth including humans and considering today’s environmental state there’s no safe place on Earth anymore.

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