Green is CoolClimate“The rich countries of the world should give up meat”- proposed Bill Gates

“The rich countries of the world should give up meat”- proposed Bill Gates

Mar.10.2021 222 view review
bill gates

Bill Gates, who is the third wealthiest person in the world, is now becoming popular not only for his ideas about the Corona crisis but also for another, according to him the most important one- the climate crisis.

And on February 16th, he released a new book “How to avoid a climate disaster” in which he talks about the climate problem and explains how the countries of the world can solve the problem of global warming. He also proposed a detailed plan of what should be done to bring about change, for example how to create tools to help reduce the greenhouse gas issue. And for this to happen, the government must also take part in the fight against the environmental problem.

According to Gates, we can still make changes and his book describes different aspects of our life that can affect the climate, namely the economy and innovation. The book also mentions food topics. He believes that rich countries can substitute plant-based foods for meat. Moreover, you can easily get used to the difference in tastes. Meanwhile, companies will try to make this taste better. “I hope to explain it clearly”- says Gates.

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