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The Tallest Wooden House in Sweden

May.15.2020 387 view review
wooden houses in Sweden

Kaistaden – this is the name of a new nine-floor high building near the Melaren lake in Vesteras, Sweden which is made totally from wood. Such innovative and irregular construction was built by Möller architects.

Wooden structures and buildings are common in Scandinavia and in Sweden but the Kaistaden project is the first one that has combined the traditional building materials and modern technologies of sustainable design.

Sedum roof, ecological building materials, bicycle parking, totally green surrounding, and other features of this building make this project so innovative and unique.

Of course, these features had been implemented in other architecture projects in other parts of the world but the one truly unique feature of Kaistaden lies in the fact that this is the most eco-sustainable residential building which is made out of wood ever.

Wood is the most ecological-friendly building material

Wood is the most ecological-friendly building material because its processing doesn’t emit vast amounts of CO2, unlike the other commonly used building materials. The wooden building keeps all unreleased CO2 in its walls not harming the environment.

Kaistaden is located in the optimal distance from the city bike-to-work daily traveling.

Kaistaden building is weatherproofed and energy-efficient, as well as the costs of its construction, are much lower because of the wood’s lightness compared to concrete. Construction works are way less stressful with no dust and noise pollution.

All parts of this building are linked by metal parts with screws which will allow deconstructing the building in order to replace and recycle its old or condemned parts. Wooden buildings positively affect people which is proved by the scientists. Living in a wooden house is natural and buildings like Kaistaden can significantly raise the overall level of wellbeing of its habitants.

This eco-sustainable, modern and pleasant house meets all possible human needs.

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