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There’s A Lot to Say About the Mother Ocean On Its Special Day

May.01.2020 317 view review
mother ocean day 2020

Europe is considered the cradle of civilization and the Mother Ocean has been called the cradle of humanity. May the 10th is a day that was dedicated to the Mother Ocean in order to pay respect to it and to remind humanity how important the ocean is.

The ocean was and continues to be the source of life on our planet and there’s no form of life that can exist without water. Water is the most important resource which we have on our planet and humanity depends on it entirely.

Human ancestors were reared by the ocean and the survival of humanity depended on it for thousands of years. But now humanity’s impact has led to almost full devastation of life beneath the ocean’s waves. Fishing, trawling, and pollution have led to a new Massive Extinction of Species.

Unregulated consumption of marine products and fish caused a demand which the Mother Ocean’s resources cannot ensure. Now it seems that it is too late to turn back and try to save the rest of marine species but humanity is bound to do its best in order to save what remains from the primordial oceans.

There’s no better way to celebrate Mother Ocean Day than the exclusion of marine products from your plate. Reduced consumption of seafood will help to save what’s left of the ocean’s biomass.

Plastic pollution in Ocean

Plastic pollution is another issue. Almost all plastic waste ending up in the oceans accumulating is the giant garbage patches. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch covers an area three times bigger than France.

So you will need to exclude disposable plastic items from your life if you want to celebrate Mother Ocean Day wholeheartedly and without duplicity. Every to-go cup which you’re buying every day may end in the ocean harming the environment and marine life. Marine creatures confuse plastic particles with food which can lead to suffocating and starving death.

Another way to pay respects to the Mother Ocean will be a beach cleanup. Plenty of wastage covering the beaches and the coastline among the world. So it doesn’t matter in which county you live, you can always do something good for our planet and the ocean.

The ocean is fascinating and mysterious. We all came out of it back then and we need to take care of it until it is too late. You can go for a picnic on a beach if you live near the coastline to remind yourself how beautiful and home the Mother Ocean is.

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