Green is CoolClimateThis year, Sakura started to bloom earlier in Japan due to the climate changing

This year, Sakura started to bloom earlier in Japan due to the climate changing

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Japan’s well-known blossoms of cherry have reached their bloom peak earlier this year. According to the records that started being kept approximately 70 years ago, scientists suggest that climate-changing may be the reason.

“Sakura,” which is not only a favorite flower of the Japanese but also of tourists all over the world, reached its peak blossom by April, just by the moment when all the country parties the beginning of a school and business year. Due to the fact, this date has arrived much earlier, now most of the blossoms are disappeared before the first school day even started.

In this year, the bloom peak dated on March 26, and this is considered the earliest time since the Japan Meteorological Agency began collecting data in 1953. Similar records were noticed this year through more than a dozen cities in Japan.

“We can definitely say that this is happening, likely, due to the influence of global warming”- said employees from the Japan Meteorological Agency.

58 cherry trees through the country are currently tracking by the agency. And this year 40 of the trees have already arrived at their peak flowering and 14 are for a record period of time. The trees usually bloom for around two weeks till the first flowers falling off.

As cherry trees are extremely sensitive to changes in temperature, the timing of their blossom can give helpful data for studies of climate-changing, researchers say.

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