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The Truth Behind the Dolphin Problems and Whale Threats: Dolphins & Whales Need Our Help

Jul.19.2021 94 view review
All the Threats to Dolphins and Whales

Nowadays marine life is possibly facing the most risks and dangers due to the effects of human behavior and as a result of the devastation lasting from global warming and climate change. While many of these effects can be seen on land, it’s what happens in the areas that we cannot see that the real harm is arising. 

Both dolphins and whales are amazing, large, beautiful, and intelligent creatures that humbly take pride in the ownership of the marine kingdom but they, unfortunately, repeated the negative effects, causing both whale and dolphin dangers and threats to the species’ entire existence. In this article, we are going to be taking a deeper look into exactly what is causing such effects and how they are impacting the undersea life of both dolphins and whales within our oceans.

Threats to Dolphins

Threats to Dolphins

Let’s start our journey with dolphins and the many dolphin issues caused as a result of both pollutions, global warming, and climate change, and man’s activities on land and at sea. The truth is that both whales and dolphins experience similar threats underwater, due to their size and nature of being. However, saying this some main threats experienced by dolphins include : 

Food Depletion 

Food depletion has been a cause for many dolphin problems, and in simple terms, it basically states that there is not enough food for dolphins, and thus they starve. 

This all has to do with overfishing, dolphins traditionally feed off of the fish in the ocean but as a result of commercial fishing on large scales, their once abundant prey has been drastically depleted by almost a third.


Another sad threat to dolphins is again another product of the commercial fishing companies, that while aiming to catch specific smaller fish for their products they just happened to catch and kill a few dolphins along the way. 

They have been reported to have drowned in nets and harmed by sharp fishing gear throughout these processes, leaving many concerned of the masses and bringing more attention to the public eye about what really happens behind the scenes. 


Pollution is one of the greatest contributors to dolphin species loss and is an ongoing problem facing the entire world. So how does water pollution affect dolphins? Firstly there is an enormous amount of waste products entering our oceans every single minute, these include products such as plastic, toxic chemicals, food scraps, and debris. 

Many of these waste products actually create physical hazards for the dolphin species in which they often land up getting tangled in fishing gear, or consuming harmful products such as plastic which eventually lands up killing them. This type of threat is the most dangerous and has caused controversy and concern amongst some top scientists and researchers in the field.

Threats to Whales

Threats to Whales

Just like dolphins, the biggest mammal in our oceans, although large, intelligent and strong, are also facing some of the most devastating threats. The blue whale threats in particular have been some of the saddest and heartbreaking to witness and one of the main driving factors for aiming to reverse such effects of previous behaviors and actions from us as human beings. Some threats whales are currently experiencing include : 


The shipping industry has had one of the worst effects on the whale community, driving massive boats over the areas that whales tend to feed in, causing noise disruption and pollution as well as emitting toxic chemicals such as oils and gases, harmful to the whale population.

Commercial Whaling 

Yes, people actually try to catch and kill whales. The trade of whale products in an underground activity is done for both commercial and economic reasons. Although it has now been banned in many countries commercial whaling still exists and is often left unfound.

Climate Change 

One of the biggest threats to both whales and dolphins is climate change, the melting of ice caps and the overall increase in the temperature of the water has meant that many of the previous habitats belonging to whale no longer exists, meaning they have to migrate further and have much less access to food and the amount of food they need to survive. 

One of the greatest questions asked when it comes to the threats faced by both whales and dolphins is “are whales endangered”? Unfortunately, the correct answer is yes, there is no way that these threats have not caused immense harm and pressure to many of the whale species in general and as a result, has led to a huge decline in species leaving them vulnerable and in danger of possible extinction. So how many whales are there in the world? There are about 75,00 whales in the world, this includes all the different types of whale species, however, if we do not act on our behavior and change our ways this number will continue to decline and the ocean as we know it will change forever.

The Bottom Line

At the end of the day, there is no denying that both whales and dolphins are feeling the effects of many of the threats they are currently facing. Not only have you learned some fairly interesting whale and dolphin facts but are a little more educated on their conservation status too. The one positive thing is that we can help and their cirustmaces can change as long as we act accordingly to their needs. Think about some changes you can make in your own personal life, whether it be recycling, using less plastic, or perhaps opting to steer away from fish or keep an eye out for the ‘dolphin safe’ label.

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