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Toothbrushes are one of the hazardous elements for our planet: just look at the scale!

Apr.25.2020 274 view review
toothbrushes are  hazardous elements

Around one billion toothbrushes end up in the landfills in the USA only. It’s almost twenty-four thousand tons of plastic waste. Toothbrushes have a thick and tough structure so their decomposing will take a very long time. Much longer than plastic bottles or cups will decompose.

Modern society can’t live without them but such waste is one of the modern world’s problems. People need to brush their teeth but an inadequate level of recycling industry can make you feel guilty even for such an innocent act.

Corporations can be blamed for such emitting too. Most of the modern products are created with a curtailed lifespan limit. In simple words, these products are corrupted even before releasing. It relates to cars, clothes, smartphones, household appliances, toothbrushes, and other stuff that we’re using in our everyday life.

Recent analytic researches have shown that every toothbrush that was produced after the 1930s is still littering the environment. It is not only polluting nature with toxins and waste. It is about the ruined lives of celestial creatures too.

Many marine and land creatures are swallowing plastic parts

Such plastic parts as toothbrushes could lead to terrible death from starvation or internal wounds. Plastic parts smell and look like food for some animal species because they’ve got covered with bacteria, seaweeds, and fungus with time. Birds can even feed chicks with them. But this is not the only problem.

Toothbrushes are made of polypropylene and nylon. These materials are petroleum products and they can release toxic emissions during decomposition or even exploitation.

There are some eco-friendly and appropriate alternatives. Bamboo toothbrushes are the most common among them. Toothbrushes which are made of recycled plastic or other types of wood are also demanded by people who care about the future of our planet.

Every human emits around three hundred toothbrushes during his lifetime.

Other daily products are causing such problems too. Contact lenses, single-use cutlery, plastic bottles, clothes, teabags, protection masks are among them.

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