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animals extinct in the wild

Animals make up such a large part of our environment, nature, ecosystems, and even human life and hold a huge responsibility for providing resources for us, other animals, and vegetation. These types of roles have been played by animals for hundreds of thousands of years and while many have evolved some species have died off which is known as extinction. The pattern of extinction has been seen since the beginning of time and although extinct animals may seem to have no future relevance, it is, in fact, quite the opposite, extinction leads to an entire shift in the wildlife ecosystem, causing all components to have to adapt appropriately and thus that is why there is such a push nowadays to fight against extinction and help those species that are vulnerable from risking possible endangerment and extinction.


largest extinct animal

I some cases extinction of a certain species has even made history as the result of that specific extinction shifted so much that it changed things forever. There are some animals that are extinct that recent generations have only witnessed in movies and TV shows and in many cases have become heroes of our past as they live on into our present and future. Some of the oldest and really cool extinct animals include

Stellers Sea Cow

Here’s one of the more weird extinct animals that you may have never even seen or heard of. This creature was discovered way back in 1741 in the Southwest of Alaska. This particular mammal was large in size and resembled something similar to a seal, to grew to around 9 meters and weighed up to 910 kilograms. Even with its astronomical size, it was a tame and calm mammal that swam through ice-cold waters feeding mostly on kelp provided by the ocean. The problem that the beautiful Stellers Sea Cow faced was the fact that its large weight and size prevented it from being able to fully immerse itself underwater making it easy for hunters to notice and catch the enormous mammal which unfortunately leads to the sea cows extinction in just 27 years after it was first discovered.


Here’s one that you have probably heard of before, the Dodo, a one metre tall bird that could not fly. Dodos existed many many years ago in the 17th century and although there is not much evidence of its existence, illustrations, written testimonies, and artifacts are proof of its existence, however, its exact appearance still remains unknown. The Dodo weighed anywhere between 10-20 kilograms and fed sources such as seeds, fruits, and roots which are said to have given them their flightless impairment. Dodos were then hunted by sailors, eaten by domesticated animals, and were wiped out extremely quickly as a result.

Woolly Mammoth

animals extinction list

If you’ve seen Ice Age you know exactly what a Wooly Mammoth looks like, but do you believe that these beautiful creatures actually existed? Yes, these now-extinct mammals once roamed North America and Eurasia. In some ways they resemble what is known as an elephant, the woolly mammoth wassail to have weighted around 5500 kilograms and grew up to a whopping 4 meters in size. They were covered in fur and had large tusks sticking out of both sides of their mouth which were longer in size than their entire body. Due to the increase in climate change and human hunting, the beautiful woolly mammoth eventually disappeared over ten thousand years ago.


The largest extinct animal has got to be the Ichthyosaurs, yes a mouthful to say but this insanely large marine reptile most definitely lives up to its title. Home to southwestern England the Ichthyosaurs in many ways represent the dinosaur area, in this case, the oceanic version. These animals have body shapes very similar to dolphins with a size similar to that of the gigantic blue whale which is currently the largest on Earth. These animals grew up to a whopping 85 feet long and had long mouths that guzzled hundreds of fish at a time as they swam through the ocean. Although scientists are not certain of the exact size and shape of the Ichthyosaurs, fossil findings have predicted that it is even larger in size than what had been previously thought.


weird extinct animals

There are many extinct animals, from tiny reptiles to big mammals, from those roaming the desert to those in the deepest of the oceans, extinction is felt and experienced all over the planet. All extinct animals whether they are present or past have had some great impact on nature’s cycle, ecosystems, and development and thus we try to take action before it is too late. However, some animals that went extinct could have had devastating effects on mankind, and thus we celebrate that change and development, some of these animals extinct in the wild include

  • Dino-shark- With a mouth of horrors, this extinct creature never lost teeth and only grew more and more, slicing whatever came into its path.
  • Titanoboa- A 50-foot long snake that existed in the dinosaur era was one of the biggest and scariest predators on Earth and if humans were to have existed at that time we would have been completely wiped out.
  • Gigantic Aquatic Scorpion (Pentecopterus)- 5-foot long scorpion that can swim in the depths of the ocean.
  • Deinosuchus- A crocodile-like creature that put the T-Rex to shame once roamed the Earth as one of the most dangerous creatures to ever exist.


cool extinct animals

While we have experienced many examples of extension and spoken about animals that lived long before our time, there are too many animal species that face extinction today, some of the most recently extinct animals include

  • Bramble Cay Melomys- Extinct as a result of climate change, loss of habitat, and food.
  • Yangtze River Dolphin- Extinct as a result of pollution, overfishing, and poaching.
  • Northern White Rhinoceros- Extinct as a result of loss o habitat and poaching which is what is mostly responsible for its rapid population decline.


Here is an animals extinction list of 2020, the most recent species loss to our planet

  • Splendid Poison Frog- Extinct as a result of its use for the pet trade and a disease called chytridiomycosis.
  • Smooth Handfish- Extinct as a result of human activities, pollution.
  • European Hamster- Extinct as a result of global warming and light pollution.
  • Golden Bamboo Lemur- Extinct as a result of the loss of habitat, deforestation.
  • Tapanuli orangutan- Extinct as a result of coronavirus causing delays in the rebuilding of the dam that was set to conserve the remainder of the population.
  • Bonin pipistrelle bat- Not enough is known about the species to determine the exact reason for its extinction.
how many animals are extinct

So we know that there are still thousands upon thousands of animal populations left in the world but how many animals are extinct already? It is hard to determine the exact number as we have not been around to witness them all, however, it is estimated that we are losing anywhere between 10,000 to 100,000 species each year and with global warming and climate change increasing this number will only increase if we do not change our behavior and act towards saving, protecting and preserving the remainder of the animal species that make up our planet.

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