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largest electric car companies

In this new day and age, we live in many companies that are finding alternative ways to lessen energy consumption to help our carbon footprint and combat climate change and our contribution to global warming in any way they can and electric car companies have done just that! A car that requires no fuel but rather uses electricity to charge itself to drive just like any other car. This invention is a clear example of what we’re moving towards in the future and it has been praised globally as many more electric vehicle companies have followed the same path creating an investable and sustainable way of driving as a form of transport to get us around through our everyday lives.


The future of automobiles is changing and changing fast as many regular car manufactures are taking to this new approach and coming up with their own versions of the electric car. One of the leading electric car companies is of course Tesla which was the first to release a fully electric car that achieved massive praise as billions upon billions of dollars have been invested in the company itself with the hope that electric cars will fully replace our standard motor vehicles.

The first car they created was a sports car and they were able to achieve the same amount of power, speed, and distance just off one singular charge which at the time was the biggest success yet, thus making one of the top electric car companies and since have released many more and greater versions of the electric car now used all around the world.


list of major car companies

However, Tesla is not the only electric car company out there, since its establishment and success many companies embraced the addition of electric car models into their brand. For example, companies that make electric cars include the very well known brand – Nissan. Nissan offers the LEAF which is a 5 seat car as well as a second-generation and more improved version of this car. Its fast charging abilities and smooth-riding capabilities have made it one of the top-selling electric cars worldwide, so if you’re looking to upgrade your standard car check out what Nissan has to offer as it may just be the right thing for you.

BMW is too part of the electric car manufactures that have produced 5 different electric cars already! They even have one that comes with an adaption which allows you to choose the option of using it as a fuel-based car or as an electric car through their power charging plugs.


Not all-electric car companies are as well known as Tesla and unless you’re fully invested in changing your motor vehicle to an electric, chargeable version you may not even realize how many different companies are actually selling electric cars too. We have already mentioned Tesla, Nissan, and BMW but here are a few more that may be of interest to you.


During the year 2010 Chevrolet released their own electric vehicle called the Chevy Volt and it is one of the top-selling electric cars in the world. Since then they have released another electric car with quicker charging time and it trails just behind Tesla as one of the leading in the world.


This classic car brand is used worldwide by many middle-class individuals and is a standard good car for any time use. However, they have now switched to the production of electric cars too and have since produced the Ford Focus Electric, which is an electric play on their typical car which is more affordable for the public which is a great way to allow more people to have the option of switching to electric.


Volkswagen which is a German company has too modeled an affordable electric car known as the Volkswagen e-Golf which is more of a traditional take on an electric car yet still achieves the carbon savings as it intended to do so. They also have ID.3 and ID.4 which are two of the leading designs in the world of electronic cars with comfortable seating, easy driving, and great road performance. These cars are performers as they are intelligent and work much around themselves, they don’t need to be shifted and told what to do, instead, these cars already know making driving a lot easier and less stressful and of course much eco-friendlier and sustainable.


Another well-known brand that is used worldwide is Kia, they have to add the additional electric car to their range of vehicles in which they sell. This South Korean car company followed their fellow basic car companies in creating an electric car that is too affordable and reliable to a wide range of people who are interested. This addition makes them one of the best electric car companies along with the others we previously discussed.


Another start-up electric car company that is primarily known for its innovation in technology in creating automotive electric cars. In the year 2021, they will release two electric cars, the R1S which is a seven-passenger vehicle that is clean and pristine looking as well as being fully electric powered. The R1T will also be released in the new year which is actually a pickup truck designed for an increased driving range and with its beautiful and chic design, it will surely fly off the market.

top electric car companies

With this new and upcoming trend entering the car market, more and more people have switched to electric cars over the past 10 years which now means that there are currently more car charging points than there is a petrol station and this is such a great thing to see as the less we contribute towards global warming and in turn, climate change the easier it will be to save our planet and the environment we live in. These electric car companies are only growing and expanding, producing newer and better versions of electric cars, making it easier for us as man-kind to switch our way of transport and the hope is that this will completely overtake the entire car system. So if your interested in changing up the way you drive check out these incredible companies that are making driving easier, safer, and better for the environment.

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