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best all electric cars

In this modern-day and age, electric cars have started taking over the auto vehicle market, with new technology and a better understanding of electricity use and its benefits for a more sustainable mode of transport with an eco-friendly impact and environmentally saving thought process means electric cars are the future of all transportation and since the first electric car release in 2010 have globally spread as many regular car brands have begun their development of electric cars as a replacement over a regular fuel-based vehicle. The best electric car for you is all about what you are aiming to achieve as an end goal.


The worlds leading electric car manufacturer at this current stage is Tesla, the first company to release an electric car, however, many standard car brands have brought out some of the top electric vehicles which definitely gives Tesla a run for its money. The best ev cars include some that are already available on the market as well as some of the best ev vehicles that are still to be released in the near future. Top electric cars are ones that give you the best mileage for your charge time, smooth and easy driving abilities, and of course a price range that is best suited to your particular lifestyle. Having a good understanding of a wide range of the best electric vehicles will inevitably help make your future purchase decision easier.


Some of the top-rated electric cars include the Kia Soul EV which happens to be one of the best evs for a standard car replacement as it remains in a similar price range as one would expect to pay for a regular Kia motor of the same size and look. It gives you an impressive 280 miles per charge and is also extremely stylish on the interior and exterior.

Another one of the top electric vehicle cars out there includes the Volkswagen e-Up, the particular electric car is smaller in size and is highly recommendable as a starter vehicle in the electric car world as it is simple to use and even within its small size provides all the benefits one needs from an electric car and it’s super safe too.


best rated electric cars

Nowadays there is a diverse range of good electric cars from the best all-electric cars that differ in price range, size and luxury, the best one for you all depends on your preference and financial ability but here is a list of what is out there and available for you.

Peugeot e-208

peugeot e 208 image

Another electric vehicle belonging to the small car range is the Peugeot e-208. Even as a supermini it has a great charging system that allows your vehicle to reach from 0 to 80 percent charge in just over half an hour meaning it’s efficient and reliable for everyday use. This particular car is also quite advanced in most areas and even allows you to choose from 3 different acceleration modes and with a blended brake system means that driving is relatively smooth and easy.

Jaguar I-Pace

jaguar I-Pace

One of the best looking electric cars is no other than the well-known brand Jaguars I- Pace. This is a simple and elegant looking EV vehicle that is completely powered by electricity, its beautiful structure, and bold wheels make it’s just as pleasing on the eye as it is to drive, its easy and maintainable, and definitely a top runner in the electric car range.

Renault Zoe

renault zoe photo

One of the best new electric cars out there has got to be the Renault Zoe and this is because of its simplicity, the Renault being a standard car owned by many has been able to create a vehicle that is relatively similar in look, price, and structure to its already popular standard petrol based vehicle but has just upgraded the features and used electricity as a power source meaning they have created a more powerful, more helpful and more effective vehicle but have had the ability to keep the costs low making it a fan favorite and it is as affordable as a regular car but with all the perks of the newly upgraded electric vehicle it is.

Tesla Model S

tesla model s photo

Tesla holds some of the worlds best electric cars and has been at the forefront of development for years, Model S is an extremely technology smart based car that is not only run on battery-powered electricity but contains many highly developed features that ensure driving is as smooth and easy as possible, many have even compared it to gliding on ice and the car shifts, changes gears, accelerates and brakes without any notice at all.

Honda E

honda e

Making it into the list of fully electric cars in the Honda e, this is definitely one of the most development, beautifully made, and desirable EV cars out there. Its modern exterior look matches perfectly with the interior structure and technologically advanced features. This car is one of the most expensive of all and is truly considered a luxury and it’s a car that is bought for bragging rights as you may not be able to get the best mileage for your charge time but the ability and technology smart driving ability will most definitely have heads turning as you drive the streets at lightning speed.

Polestar 2

polestar 2

This electric car model is one that is more classic, holding similar features to your standard vehicles means that it will be an easy adaptation process as the car’s features are pretty straight forward and easy to navigate. It has one of the longest-lasting endurances of all-electric vehicles and is an extremely practical way of transportation as it does its job and it does its job well, very well. It also has a very clean and sharp looking presence that is visually as elegant and pristine as its driving and mechanical capabilities thus making it one of the top runners in the electric car market.


Now that we have mentioned quite a few of the electric cars available to you lets spare our imagination and have a sneaky peek at some of the more luxuries and of curse expensive electric cars on the market, whether these are in your price range or are simply a dream they are a fantastic idea of what the future of electric transpiration means for humanity.

Porsche Taycan

Porsche Taycan Turbo S

Yes, Porsche too has released their own version of an electric car, in fact, this car has become one of the worlds best and not just because of its luxurious nature buts it driver-focused features too. This four-door vehicle is extremely quick and responsive and is by far one of the smoothest driving vehicles Porsche has yet to release.

Mercedes-Benz EQC

Mercedes-Benz EQC

This luxurious yet extremely sustainable car has surprisingly become a strong competitor in and amongst all marketable electric vehicles because of its safety features along with its comfort, easy driveability, and beautiful structure and design make it a great option for a splurge of a purchase.

Tesla Model 3

best looking electric cars

Tesla Model 3 is definitely more of a sports car and has two electric motors making it one of the fastest out there and has defiantly added to the value of Tesla as a whole as its competitive edge and modern technology puts it at a cut above the rest. However, it is a much smaller vehicle and is more of a weekend drive type car than an everyday use auto but none the less is still equally as sustainable and is a positive reflection of the brands attempt at creating environment-saving transportation vehicles.

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