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current environmental issues

Current environmental issues are important in understanding the state of our world. We often take for granted the natural world that surrounds us for without it the technological smart world we live in wouldn’t exist and neither would we. The environment is a cycle and that cycle works in a very particular way, a perfect way, and when we change or destroy that cycle a domino effect is created, and in turn, it will affect the world as a whole. We need to do everything in our power now to change the circumstances of problems in the environment and the countless ecological issues and the first step to doing so is to understand exactly what these issues are.


Environmental issues today are ways that the environment is harmed often due to human actives. They are problems that we have caused to the way the environment works from its structure to the tiniest of ecosystems. Environmental issues caused by humans have a large impact on many parts of the world as well as the state of our future world. They are issues because they are problems, they are things that need to be changed or in some circumstances are irreversible and thus we need to slow the process and speed of the problem down.


Some of the biggest environmental issues include that of population growth. This is something happening worldwide, our population has been increasing at a fast rate meaning that there are too many people for the capacity of Earth. As a result, we have destroyed natural habitats such as forests and transformed them into urban settlements for people to build homes, roads, cities, and large buildings. The problem is that once these habitats are destroyed that cannot just be put back, it takes years and years to build these intricate ecosystems in which animals and plants can thrive and provide us with all the resources we rely on them for. This population increase means we will be lacking in resources, not have enough fresh drinking water as well as its large contribution to climate change and in turn Planet destruction.


environmental issues today

Another one of the biggest environmental problems we are seeing is Air pollution. Over the years we have continued to contribute to polluting the air with harmful toxins and this has only increased as we have become more advanced. Air pollution is a dangerous problem and creates harm not only to the environment but to people too. As the population has increased and we have built up more industrial civilizations along with massive factories and increasing the burning of fossil fuels we have polluted the air, which in turn has many side effects including the creation of more environmental issues such as acid rain and animal and human health problems. This is a major environmental issue that we have begun to address by using more solar power and alternative electricity forms but we have a long way to go in order to really see a real change.


We have many contemporary environmental issues and we need to address them all.

Water Pollution in the Seas and Oceans

An important environmental issue is that of water pollution. This is important because life on earth cannot exist without water and once water is polluted it serves no purpose. Polluted water kills marine life, a very important ecosystem that exists underwater in which we are destroying their reproductive cycles which can affect the entire animal world. Human activities are the cause of this, our industrial waste along with sewage and agricultural waste turn pure freshwater into harmful toxic, and even dead bodies of water.

Melting Polar Ice Caps in the Arctic

Next on the list of environmental problems is the emitting of ice in the Arctic. This is an issue we have seen over the years but is continuing to get worse as the effects of climate change are too strong for the ice to survive. When this ice melts it turns into water, this is too much water for the earth to withhold meaning we will see entire cities completely flooded in the near future. Not to mention the effect on the entire arctic ecosystem in which many animals are facing endangerment and even extinction.

Ozone Layer Depletion in Our Atmosphere

global environmental issues

One of the more interesting environmental issues includes the destruction of our ozone. The release of harsh chemicals into the air destroys thousands of atoms that make up the ozone layer. This is a major issue as the more depleted the ozone becomes the harsher the effects of the sun will be. UVB radiation is extremely dangerous and causes harm to humans, animals, and marine life.

Deforestation Across the Entire Surface of the Earth

Deforestation is a major concern right now as we are destroying more and more forests for industrial and agricultural uses. The problem with this is we are not only destroying the land we deem unnecessary we are actually destroying entire ecosystems that live within it. These are some of the most important parts of keeping the Earth in livable conditions. Large-scale extinction is already a problem we are seeing and this will create a massive effect on human life. The majority of our resources for food, medicine, and many others come from these rainforests and we should be protecting and conserving them rather than destroying them.

Use of Natural Resources of Our Planet

As our population has increased, as industrialization grows and as our demands increase our use of natural resources increases too. This is a problem because we will run out if we do not act smart about it. Not only this but we are starting to take resources that belong to animals thus making it harder for them to survive which actually makes it harder for us to survive. This is also due to the fact that we are destroying a sum of our natural resources through air and water pollution.


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While all of these issues are equally important and all need to be changed and noticed the top problem we are currently facing is that of climate change. All these issues are contributing to global warming which in turn affects climate change. The increase in Earth’s temperature is increasing at a rapid and dangerous rate. This is what affects the Arctic, making the ice melt, this causes issues in our oceans and marine life, in our forests and animal life, in the modern world and human beings. This is by far the most important issue we need to address today. Every aspect of our planet will suffer and has begun to suffer as a result of climate change. Everything in the world is built to function at a particular temperature from freezing to boiling to moving and reproduction they are all very specific and rely on that consistency to continue to do their job on the planet. To create a world that is constantly moving and evolving we live in a cycle and that cycle needs each and every part to be perfectly in sync to continue to go round, we cannot disrupt or change this cycle because it is not adaptable. It will take thousands upon thousands of years to re-build and that is why NOW is the time to change our actions because it’s those actions that are causing this destruction. We need to care more and ultimately we need to understand the consequences of our actions.

Understanding the issues at hand is the first step to rectifying our mistakes and creating a better future for ourselves and the generations to follow us. If we stand together and all make small differences together we can make a big difference and save what we have left of this beautiful life on earth.

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