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Tornado hit in Alabama: 5 people are dead and the houses are destroyed

Mar.26.2021 149 view review

Recently, it has been reported about a minimum of 5 death of people, as well as various injuries after a series of seven fatal tornadoes happened in Alabama. This led to the falling of trees, destroyed homes, and loss of electricity in the houses of thousands of people. 

In the western city of Centreville, Cindy Smitherman together with her family and neighbors, were hiding in the underground hole when a tornado flew right over their home.

According to 62-year-old Smitherman, a tree fell on the door of the shelter, and they were trapped there for about 20 minutes. Then, someone from the passers-by came to the rescue with a saw and removed the tree. They miraculously managed to survive.

People continue to post videos and photos on the Internet showing large trees that have fallen on the roads and damaged power ropes. More than 20,000 people across the state were left without light.

Police said the hurricane caused large damage to numerous houses. And they also warned people to stay away from the road and other areas affected by the tornado.

Rescue services are preparing for new series of storms. According to the meteorological service, up to 10 centimeters of rain is expected. Kay Ivey a governor of Alabama, published an emergency announcement for 46 counties. Unfortunately, the police are still receiving reports of new victims.

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