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Try plogging, train and help the planet

Apr.01.2021 158 view review

Plogging is quite a new fitness trend but it is already popular on social networks. It takes care not only of your body but also of the environment. And this is truly great. The name itself means collecting trash while running. The idea was founded in 2016 in Sweden thanks to the activist and environmentalist Erick Ahlsthöm. One day, while running through the city of Stockholm, he was so annoyed with the rubbish that was constantly on his way that he decided it is time to change it.

Plogging offers many benefits for people who are already practicing it or want to try. For example, it allows you to meet new people whose interests match yours. But besides exercising you are also improving the ecology of our planet.

In addition, this provides you with full-body practice. While traditional running tends to focus on the legs, plogging exercises more muscles because you need to activate your biceps, abdomen, shoulders, back, and muscles to collect bottles, papers, and other rubbish.

It is difficult to be aware of the trash in our cities, driving a car or riding a bus. But while running along the streets, you can see in detail the real situation and realize the necessity to take care of the environment and make a small contribution to it. Let’s do it together.

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