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UN found aboriginal peoples are the best guardians for forests

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Saving forests of Latin America is necessary to fight the climate crisis. And an improvement has already been made in aboriginal regions, with less deforestation. According to a UN report, the aboriginal peoples in Latin America are the best guardians of forests.

The report says that the support of these peoples in preserving forests is very important now. What’s more, scientists warn that the Amazon is nearing to point when it transitions from rainforest to savannah. And this is a great risk for billions of tons of carbon to be released into the atmosphere.

The report was made based on over 300 studies. Today, almost half of the natural forests in the Amazon are located in aboriginal areas. While the area of ​​undisturbed forest declined by only 5% between 2000 and 2016 in aboriginal regions, in non-indigenous areas, on the contrary, it declined by 11%. This is a very good indicator.

The thing is, aboriginal peoples have a different understanding of forests. They don’t see them as a place to get resources to increase money. For them, this is, first of all, the space in which they live and should protect for future generations. Aboriginal areas include about a third of all the carbon stored in the forests of Latin America.

The necessity for protection is necessary, as the annual rate of deforestation in Brazil’s natural territories increased from 10,000 hectares in 2017 to 43,000 hectares in 2019.

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