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Unique antelope was spotted with the help of special camera traps

Apr.05.2021 162 view review

Special camera traps are devices that are applied to shoot inhabitants of wild nature using motion sensors. And they not only save animals from hunters but also discover rare species.

According to Gizmodo, in the West African country of Togo, for the first time, researchers were able to see images of Walter’s Duiker, a miniature African species of antelope. Rare aardvarks and mongoose species have also been discovered by using camera traps.

You can spend several weeks in a rainforest watching animals. But you can also turn on the laptop and sit patiently observing everything in more detail. And what’s more important, you can see hunters who illegally shoot animals and then sell them in the local markets.

Walther’s Duicker was first discovered in 2010 but the recent images of it are the first ones that scientists have ever seen. This beautiful antelope has a great talent for avoiding scientists so it is a rare occasion and truly a success.

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