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Water creatures can’t live at the equator because of global warming

Apr.08.2021 171 view review
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According to a recent study, global warming caused less wildlife in the ocean around the equator area. The conditions are considered too hot for some species to survive. The data from 1955 to 2015 showed that nearly 50,000 water creatures left the equator. It was also assumed that further global warming will decrease ocean species in tropical regions.

The drop in species variety may affect communities that relied on ocean food. Economics that also rely on tourists visiting sites for their unusual biodiversity can be affected too. But the species have not disappeared, they just left the tropics. 

The amount of swimming creatures has declined in the equator area due to increasing temperatures. This happening because ocean warming is causing significant changes in the global distribution of water biodiversity. However, the study did not try to estimate whether warming is causing extinctions, it does not mean extinctions are not happening. 

Beginning from the 1970s, the ocean has received about 90% of global heat, mainly because of the burning of fossil fuels and deforestation. It was added that the rate of warming has been intense and now becoming even more intense than ever. Moreover, it will continue for decades even if we decrease greenhouse gas emissions.

Since some species migrated to new areas, now we can see a mix of species we have not seen before. And this creates changes for ecosystems and the people who rely on them.

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