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solutions to water scarcity in africa

Africa as a third world country faces many issues on a daily basis from poverty to lack of electricity they have many rural settlements in need of change, however, there is a large water problem in Africa whereby there is water scarcity in Africa leaving many people with little to no running water. the Africa water crisis is not something new that the country is experiencing, in fact, water shortages in Africa have been going on for many years, and as it escalated new inventive and practical solutions need to be found to even begin to recover the lack of water in Africa.


There are a few causes of water scarcity in Africa and one of the biggest contributors to this water problem has to do with the climate. The climate in Africa is dry and is made of semi-forested areas and areas made up of desert land. With only one main river source being the Nile the drier areas in Africa lack enough water supply and with the impact of global warming increasing the temperature this water source becomes drier faster as the amount of annual rain has decreased by almost 25 percent as a result of severe climate change and its direct effect in Africa and its natural ability to supply enough water for human use.

Some more reasons for water scarcity in Africa include

The exploitation of natural resources

The overall economic growth in Africa has derived from the exploitation of their natural resources meaning that the general use of water for supply has increased and also caused a lot of excess water pollution, decreasing the amount of drinkable and healthy water. As this sector continues to increase the number of uncontaminated water decreases meaning many villages and urban regions’ main water supply sources are no longer useable and healthy to drink.

Urbanization of Africa

The population in Africa is increasing at a rapid rate leaving many regions overpopulated and with not enough water supply many demands for water supply can no longer be met. As the sources are limited and the demand for resources using water supply increases through the population growth there is a stress on the water which has led to extreme cases of no water in Africa.

Natural Disasters in Africa

Floods and droughts experienced in Africa have led to a great deal f the water problems its country faces. When there is flooding it contaminates the water and leaves it to toxic for use and when there is a drought the natural resources of water from rivers and lakes are no longer full enough to supply all those within the region and all of these are only enhanced by the effects of climate change and the drastic increase in temperature experienced.


solution to water scarcity in africa

Some of the water crisis in Africa facts include

Clean water problems in Africa

The overpopulation and lack of sanitization ability mean that many water supplies have been cross-contaminated deeming them an undrinkable and even dangerous sauce of water. As the water problem increased those affected by dirty and contaminated water increased leaving many facing severe water-borne diseases as the ability to separate human waste for cleaner sauces is suffered largely in poorer regions.

40 percent of sub-Saharan Africa does not have access to clean water supply

Unfortunately, due to the lack of ability to supply regions in the sub-Saharan with drinkable and safe water means that there are millions of people who have access to no water at all and suffer many diseases as a result.

Mining and water pollution

Africa is known for its mining abilities used for trade however both a blessing and a curse many disasters have occurred as a result of the mining industry now being one of the top contributors to the overall water pollution problem in Africa and especially in South Africa where most of the mines exist.

Families do not have direct access to water

In many parts of Africa, families do not have water supplies connected to their homes and thus have to travel large distances to collect their supply of safe water as this is the only way they are able to supply water to their homes and families largely due to poverty, rural settlements and under development.


clean water problems in africa

While there are many causes to this extreme water crisis Africa is experiencing there are too many solutions to water scarcity that need to be taken into account now before this problem spreads to more regions in Africa. Some of these solutions include

Investment in water and sanitation

In order to find a solution to water scarcity in Africa, the country itself will need to invest a lot of money and resources in beginning to solve the issue. Investing money is the only way to gain the ability to supply all homes and regions with clean and safe drinkable water.

Reusing the water waste

For many countries around the world reusing wastewater is an essential part of how they supply water to all communities and homes, Africa is yet to make use of this solution. Finding innovative ways to reuse wasted water will not only help expand the water resources available but also help to secure food sources in the regions.

Developing water filtration systems

The addition of water filtration systems will help to clean the contaminated water resources which is a large part of Africa’s problem. If the dirty water can be transformed into clean and safe water then it can be easily distributed to homes in the region without having to worry about disease.

Protecting wetlands

Due to global warming and climate change our natural wetlands are disappearing at a rapid rate meaning that we need to act now to save and preserve these sources as these are what will allow the filtration systems to work and provide purified water to citizens.

Increasing the water storage in reservoirs

Because of the increase in natural disasters such as droughts and floods storage has decreased but if we grow the capacity to store water and capture the excess as a result of floods we can purify it and use it as a resource instead of just letting it go to waste.

why is there water scarcity in africa

As you can see the water crisis in Africa is affecting millions of people each and every single day and while most of us are lucky enough to turn on the tap and expect to see clean running water there is a large population who don’t even know what that feels like, so the bottom line is to not take running water for granted and try your best not to waste.

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