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A List of Endangered Animals Found in Various Parts of the World: What Animals Are Endangered?

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The world consists of hundreds and thousands of different types of animal species, both living on land and in water in various regions, climates, and habitats within our world. Due to habitat loss, climate change, global warming, and industrial development, many of these species of animals are threatened and are now considered to be animals that are endangered. This means that they are in a vulnerable position and risk the possibility of complete extinction if the rapid decline of their species population is not conserved and saved. In this article, we are going to be discussing what animals are endangered, what are endangered and extinct animals, and what we are doing to prevent further species from becoming endangered too.

What Are Endangered Animals?

Before we can get into what animals are on the endangered list, let me explain a little more about what it means to be an endangered animal or endangered species. As per the name, an endangered animal or in most cases an endangered species is one that is threatened by its surroundings, is in danger, and risks the chance of complete extinction.

The WWF has three categories in which they place different species depending on their risk level, these are vulnerable, endangered, and critically endangered. A species is classified as endangered once a decline and rapid decline in its population are witnessed.

What Animals Are on the Endangered Species List?

list of endangered animals

So what are the endangered animals on this “list” and what kind of animals are endangered as you are reading this right now? The truth is there is not just one kind of animal or species that are endangered as they are in fact found in all regions in the world including endangered animals in the desert, endangered in the tundra, and endangered in the ocean. Some of the animals that are currently on the endangered species list include :

  1. Black Rhino
  2. Cross River Gorilla
  3. Sumatran Elephant
  4. Sumatran Orangutan
  5. Sunda tiger
  6. African wild dog
  7. Asian elephant
  8. Black-footed ferret
  9. Chimpanzee
  10. Indian elephant
  11. Mountain gorilla
  12. Red panda
  13. Tiger
  14. Black spider monkey
  15. Dugong
  16. Polar bear
  17. Snow leopard
  18. Savanna elephant
  19. Arctic fox
  20. Tree kangaroo
  21. Monarch butterfly
  22. Penguin
  23. Sloths

These are just a few of the endangered animals in the tropical rainforest, swamps, savannas, and the arctic that are currently facing extinction due to human actions and behaviors.

What Sea Animals Are Endangered?

Sea animals are amongst some of the most affected and have amounted to many of the disappearing species we see today. Some of the many sea animals that are currently classified as being endangered include :

  • Hawksbill turtle;
  • Blue whale;
  • Bluefin tuna;
  • Fin whale;
  • Ganges river dolphin;
  • Indus river dolphin;
  • Hector’s dolphin;
  • Green turtle;
  • North Atlantic right whale;
  • Sea lions;
  • Sea turtle;
  • Whale shark;
  • Bigeye tuna;
  • Giant tortoise;
  • Great white shark;
  • Leatherback turtle;
  • Marine iguana;
  • Albacore tuna;
  • Beluga whale;
  • Yellowfin tuna;
  • Gray whale;
  • Amazon River dolphins.

Again these are just a few of the marine life animals on the list of endangered species and there are many others including the tiniest of microorganisms such as plankton.

What Are We Doing To Help Endangered Animals?

Whilst knowing what animals are currently facing environmental threats is important, what is even more important is what we are doing to help save those vulnerable species. A lot of research and science has gone into establishing the best possible ways to save these species. Some of which include protecting the habitat in which they live, which means not only maintaining a healthy infrastructure but also avoiding building homes, cities, and towns close to where they need to be. We need to keep local green areas clean and support organizations that aim to create strategies to save specific endangered species.

What Animals Are No Longer Endangered?

Although the endangerment and the extinction of animal species is a very prominent problem that the world is currently facing, there is some hope for the future granted that we aim to change the way we behave. There have been some cases of endangered animals regaining their population and strength such as the southern white rhino, the Arabian oryx, the gray wolf, and the Louisiana black bear, who all now exist in the wild and are slowly regaining strength and size.

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