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effects of deforestation

Deforestation and the consequences of deforestation are severely affecting our planet and the entire ecosystem. The effects of deforestation are creating increasing havoc to our natural resources, the environment, and many other aspects of our planet, and the negative effect of deforestation is only getting worse as humans persist the need to grown and expand buildings, roads, and infrastructure through the destruction of forests and the resources within them.


What are deforestation and its causes? Deforestation is the loss of parts of the forest by the human action of chopping down mass amounts of trees. The effects of this destructive behavior are found in the environment, climate change, ecosystems, temperature, wildlife, and air pollution. The large scale in which this is happening to create an extreme obstruction to our global inhabitants of the forests as well as our planet as a whole, with its major effects on Global Warming it seems to only be contributing negatively towards the slow yet increasing destruction of our beautifully designed planet.


deforestation effects on climate

While there are many reasons for the occurrence of deforestation there are a few that stand out as the major contributors to why deforestation is happening. One of these major causes includes that of Agricultural Expansion, meaning the destruction of forests in order to use the land for the development of factories and man-made industrial buildings for the high demand for resources such as oil. These procedures are seen more often and are happening on a much larger scale now than ever before, whipping out forests at a speed of major concern. Another cause is that of overpopulation, as the population of people in the world is ever-increasing, there is not enough space for them to live, thus the natural spaces which should be left untouched are being used to transform into more livable, developed areas the more the population increases the greater its effect on deforestation. Another cause of deforestation is Livestock Ranching, meaning the clearance of forests in order to house huge amounts of livestock to be used for producer food-based products, such as meat and milk from cows. The more demand for beef increases the more forests will be destroyed to make space for these massive slaughter and production houses. As you can see the common pattern that humans are the cause of deforestation, our growing population, and increasingly high demands for “more” is in fact the main cause of deforestation and its monstrous effects on the planet.


There are many effects that deforestation has but 5 major effects of deforestation include a threat to biodiversity, destruction of the livelihoods of the poor, soil erosion, climate change, and future food shortages. Within these forests, we are choosing to cut down the lives of an entire world of mammals, insects, plants, birds, and many other pivotal species. These animals occupy the forest and have a very particular ecosystem in which we are destroying as they are all connected, removing one piece of the ecosystem causes a massive threat to its whole entirety and existence. The trees and vegetation we remove are homes and food for those within the forest, they need to stay where they are as this is how the inhabitants have correctly adapted to space which has taken years and years and a change in this causes huge devastation to the inner world of the forests and in turn their entire existence altogether. One of the five effects of deforestation is that of soil erosion, meaning that by chopping down these huge amounts of trees the soil becomes weaker and loses a lot of the nutrients that help it to stay rich and healthy. When the soil loses its strength it becomes more susceptible to natural disasters which leads to even more destruction. Let’s talk about climate change and deforestation, deforestation effects on climate change are highly concerning, without the trees to absorb CO2 from the air means that this CO2 is now meaning released into our atmosphere and as the scale of tree chopping becomes larger the CO2 emissions increase. These negative effects are contributing greatly to the greenhouse effect as well as climate change as a whole as deforestation increases its responsibility for global CO2 emissions.


what causes deforestation

Plants are an amazing species and are responsible for transporting large quantities of water into our atmosphere, this helps ensure that enough rain occurs to keep the forests healthy and blooming. When deforestation occurs this rain is removed from the area and as it runs as river water it causes the drying out of the soil that cannot be replenished. Without the trees to absorb and take up the water into hits straight into the soil cause damp and damaged area of waterlogged soil and as there are no leaves to carry out the transpiration process the water becomes contaminated with soil and all the other things in its path.


Deforestation affects the air that we breathe, due to the lack of trees there is not as much water vapor being released into the air causing a rise in temperatures and the overall cycle. This makes our air drier and thus breathing becomes harder and not as smooth. This has a major impact on global warming and climate change. How does deforestation affect the environment? So what are all these consequences doing to our environment as a whole, well simply destroying it, the contribution deforestation is having on climate change, global warming, pollution, life loss and so much more is increasing and making up for a large percent of all our environmental issues and the biggest problem is that these issues will reach a point in which they become irreversible if we don’t change our ways soon.


effects of deforestation in the amazon

Amazon is most likely the most affected rain forest and what are the effects of deforestation on the Amazon? Amazon is the world’s largest rainforest is a huge provider of resources for Brazil as well as globally. With it being a home to thousands upon thousands of different species its entire ecosystem is under a massive threat. A large part of the Amazon has already been destroyed through a massive increase in the man-made building of infrastructure and roads as well as cattle ranching and plantations used to increase development. There are also many indigenous people living in the rainforest who are facing threats to their lives and homes eve single day, land animals, birds, insects, and fish are all facing endangerment and even extinction due to the deforestation occurring in the Amazon at what seems to be an uncontrollable rate.

As you can see the effects of deforestation are extremely brutal and create destruction to not only the forests and their inhabitants but also our environment and the future of our planet. We need to actively change our ways on a large scale to be able to improve the quality of our air, land, and water.

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