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coral reef is dying

It is no surprise that the impact of global warming and climate change have had some disastrous effects on the state of our environment and the dying coral reefs are facing some serious threats to their existence too. As one of the most important aspects of marine life the coral reefs dying brings some major concerns for the future of the aquatic life that lives beyond the surface. Although there have been many protocols taken in an attempt to conserve and preserve what is remaining of the coral reefs, the coral dying is still presenting some challenges and concerns as the combat seems to have been too little too late. Here are some of the reasons as to why we are experiencing the coral reef dying and the effects it will have on our planet if it continues to do so.


coral reefs are dying

So are coral reefs dying? Yes unfortunately this is true our beloved and most important coral reefs are dying, with a large part of them already bleached and dead leaving us with only about half left globally. This is all as a result of the impact of climate change and its strong effect on changing natural habitats and ecosystems. The pollution, overfishing, and rise in sea level and temperature, have all added to the coral reef situation we are currently facing today. The severity of the bleaching of the coral reefs is one that is happening at an astronomically rapid pace leaving scientists extremely concerned for the future of marine life and its intricate and specific ecosystems.


Coral reefs have many important roles, each extremely valuable to the state of the marine world and aquatic life. Coral reefs provide an ecosystem for life underwater and are also pivotal in protecting coastal areas from the power of hitting waves, as well as this they are also a provider of thousands of jobs and income for millions of people who make use of their resources. Coral reefs also provide shelters and habitats to thousands upon thousands of fish, microorganisms, clams, and many other forms of marine life to which they are vitally dependent on coral reefs for most of their resources. Some of the other reasons as to why coral reefs are so important include:

how are coral reefs dying


Coral reefs are packed full of a large variety of animal and plant life, with a particular and intricate structure acting as habitats and ecosystems that provide life, resources, and shelter to animals is an extremely important part of keeping a healthy and thriving marine life cycle. Coral reefs are also protective mechanisms for many species as the effects of natural disasters and harsh weather conditions are reduced by the coral reefs’ specific structure and abilities. The larger the diversity of species the less extinction will be had and this is largely the responsibility of coral reefs. This diversity is also extremely important for medicine development and scientific research.

Protection of coastal areas

are coral reefs dying

Coral reefs are a natural protector for towns, cities, communities, and beaches that run along with the coastal areas. They help to protect these areas against storms and large waves and thus have a large effect on the amount of damage that may be experienced as a result.

Food and tourism

Coral reefs are a very important food source that people living in the surrounding areas largely dependent on, they are a crucial element for fishing and help economies grow. In terms of tourism, coral reefs are a large contributor to the overall global economy as a result of their speculator and visible range of biodiversity. Thousands of jobs throughout the tourism industry are largely dependent on the coral reefs in order to make a living. This large contribution to our economy is only possible with coral reefs being alive and as a result, the effects would be completely devastating.


is the coral reef dying

Is the coral reefs dying? And what does that mean for the future of our planet? The coral reef dying largely as a result of climate change means that much of the biodiversity will be lost. Coastal areas will be heavily affected by the harsh effects of the ocean’s strength and many towns and communities will be ruined. The shelter it provides for marine life will be lost and as a result, the complex food web will be lost which will not only affect marine life but our lives too. Without coral reefs, the ocean will no longer have the ability to absorb as much carbon dioxide which means there will be more within our atmosphere. The general economy, food supply resources, and the overall safety of communities within coastal areas will be strongly harmed and affected.

As you can see, if we do not act now to change the effect climate change is having on coral reefs we will be left with some absolutely devastating consequences, in which the entire globe will suffer, and thus we need to strive to protect and conserve the remainder of our coral reefs by making small changes in our everyday lives.

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