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What Is Organic Toilet Paper? The Best Eco-Friendly Toilet Paper Options

Aug.16.2021 213 view review
Organic Toilet Paper

Toilet paper is one of the most used products in the world, it is something that is considered to be a bare necessity but in many circumstances is taken for granted. Think about how much toilet paper you go through on an average week and then consider how much a place like a restaurant, public bathrooms, and hotels are going through as well. Now, this absurd usage of toilet paper is by no means doing any wonders for our planet and environment and thus an eco-friendly toilet paper option is something that is beginning to be implemented in the hopes of creating a more sustainable option for wiping our bottoms. Luckily for us, the innovative and creative minds of today have come up with a wide range of green toilet paper alternatives, that we now have the choice to choose from over regular toilet paper in an attempt to replenish some of the devastations caused by our mass demand habits.

What Is Toilet Paper Environmental Impact?

There is a reason as to why environmentally-friendly toilet paper options had to be created, and that has a lot to do with the negatives impact the overconsumption and production of it is having on our environment. There are a number of problems when it comes to toilet paper, which most commonly includes:


The first problem with using non-recycled tissue paper I the sheer amount of it used every single year. On average a single person uses about 140 toilet rolls a year, which, when you times that by the billions of people in the world, that is a lot of toilet paper and a lot of trees needed to make that toilet paper.


Toilet paper has to come from somewhere, unfortunately, it’s our trees that have to bear the brunt of our wiping habits. To make just a single roll of toilet paper about 0.68 kilograms of wood is needed. This mass production and cutting down of trees for the purpose of manufacturing toilet paper has been one additional factor contributing to the global deforestation issue.

Chemical Pollution

There is also another side of toilet paper that is harmful to the environment and that is the toxins that are released during the manufacturing process. Chemicals are used to breaks down the wood into pulp and bleach as a way of creating the white finished look that we are so accustomed to.

What Is Recycled Toilet Paper?

To combat the issues that toilet paper is having on our environment many sustainable toilet paper options have been created in replacement, but if not the soft paper we are used to then what is recycled toilet paper made of and how does it compare to the traditional white squats we are used to? In the most simple terms, recycled toilet paper is made using a mixture of previously recycled paper. This paper is collected and shipped to factories in which is turned into a pulp but mixing with lukewarm water. From there it is taken through an ink removing process, it is then cleaned and dried, and unbleached in order to achieve the glistening white color. This is a way better option for the environment as you are using resources that are already available to you and would otherwise just end up in our landfills, instead of cutting down half a forest to make a batch of toilet paper why not just use materials that are recycled and produce the same if not an even better result.

Recycled Toilet Paper Brands

If you are looking to invest in 100% recycled toilet paper as a way of doing your bit to help save the environment and of course lower your own personal carbon footprint then here are some of the best brands producing recycled toilet paper.

  1. Who gives a crap – recycled toilet paper. Who gives a crap has launched a fun and innovative take on recycled toilet paper. Their eye-catching reusable packaging and charitable intent make this the leading barn of recycled toilet paper to date. Their entire roll from paper to packaging is made with 100 percent recycled materials but still has the perfect soft yet absorbent touch we are all looking for.
  1. EcoLeaf Toilet Tissue. EcoLeaf is a brand of toilet paper that has been around for many years and is loved by many. Their newest toilet roll addition is made from 60 percent consumer waste products and is compostable from packaging to paper.
  1. Renova Recycled Toilet Paper. Renova is all about ethics, sustainability, and the environment and it is very clear to see throughout the entire design of the brand as a whole. Their recycled toilet paper is made from sustainable fiber and involves very minimal greenhouse gas emissions and has a low pollution rate too.

The Best Biodegradable Toilet Paper Options

Recycled toilet paper without chemicals is not the only option when it comes to choosing a sustainable alternative to the household staple, in fact, there is quite a large variety of different organic toilet paper solutions in which there is an option for everyone. So where to buy biodegradable toilet paper? don’t hesitate we’ve got you covered with the very best all available to you in your local supermarkets or online. Soe of the best and most environmentally friendly natural toilet paper options include :

The Cheeky Panda – Eco-Friendly Toilet Paper

The Cheeky Panda - Eco-Friendly Toilet Paper

The Cheeky Panda is one of the best and most luxurious bamboo toilet paper options available today. Never mind the toilet paper the rand itself is doing great things for the environment as well and actually donates to the World Land Trust as a way to offset its carbon usage.

Bamboo Bobbi – Sustainable Bamboo Toilet Tissue

Bamboo Bobbi - Sustainable Bamboo Toilet Tissue

Finally, an unbleached toilet paper option that is not only environmentally friendly but also super high quality, soft and absorbent. The toilet paper as well as the packaging is recyclable and the manufacturing process causing little pollution. It is also made from bamboo and is hypoallergenic making it a great and versatile option for anyone.

Naked Sprout – Unvleached Bamboo Toilet Paper

Naked Sprout - Unvleached Bamboo Toilet Paper

This is the perfect toilet paper option if you have a big family, available in a pulk size of 96 rolls, this non-toxic toilet paper is long-lasting, strong, and ultra-absorbent, meaning you never have to waste a sheet.

Feel Good – Eco Toilet Paper

Feel Good - Eco Toilet Paper

Feel Good is a brand that prides itself on its bold, outgoing and unique look and is extremely open about every detail included in its manufacturing process. This chlorine-free toilet paper uses recycled products such as magazines and newspapers to create a soft and affordable toilet paper option for you.

Tiboo – 3Ply Toilet Tissue

Tiboo - 3Ply Toilet Tissue

Another great family chemical-free toilet paper option is Tiboo, which makes their paper using 100 percent bamboo and supplies them in bulk packs of either 60 or 80. It is a reliable source of toilet paper that embodies the mindset of sustainability to a tee and it doesn’t use any plastic packaging either.

Presto! – Eco 3Ply Toilet Tissue

Presto! - Eco 3Ply Toilet Tissue

Presto! It actually amazons own eco-friendly toilet paper option. While it may not be the most environmental as it still contains plastic packaging we were pleasantly surprised to see the brand advertising for a more sustainable option, which might I add was actually pretty impressive in terms of its strength and absorbency.

Traidcrafted – Quilted Toilet Rolls

Traidcrafted - Quilted Toilet Rolls

If you’re on a budget thenTraidcrafted Quilted Toilet Rolls are probably the best option for you. They produce formaldehyde-free toilet paper and also use some of the profits made to support artisans and producers around the world and are a great option if you intend on using them in multiple bathrooms.

Bumboo – Naked Toilet Rolls

Last but not least on our environmentally friendly toilet paper list is Bumboo and its Naked toilet paper rolls. They produce toilet paper without plastic packaging and instead use materials that can be thrown straight into your compost bin to help fertilize your soil. The loo roll itself is ultra-soft and smooth and perfect for anyone with sensitive skin or allergies.

The Bottom Line

Not only have you learned where to buy biodegradable toilet paper but also that there is a wide range of different options that you have to choose from. As you can see there is so much out there that we have a choice on whether reducing our carbon footprint is something we would like to invest in. Supporting brands that are selling environmentally-friendly toilet paper will not only do wonders for you and the environment but help drive up the demand to decrease the price overall as well as ensure they become more readily available in a global manner, essentially helping to save, protect and conserve our planet and beloved environment.

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